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February 15, 2018
The Lord is at work at Los Lotes!
March 21, 2018
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God is ALIVE! It was so worth it…trust me!

Team Member Testimony:

I know I’ve been quiet about our trip on FB so far. It has taken a little to settle back in here and reconcile what we did/saw and where we are now. And honestly, just to recoup. Came home a little sick and it’s been a rough week. Re-entry is hard, even after just 8 days. What an AMAZING trip! God showed us so many things while we were there. He broke our hearts for these precious people. You start asking the questions like “Why was I born here and not there? Why did God choose to bless me and my family while Bernando (the family my group built a house for) and his family struggle each and every day?” I have no answers to these kinds of questions other than to say that we cannot take for granted what we have or where we live. This beautiful family worked alongside us, tried to bridge the language barrier with us, cried tears of joy with us, sang over us and gave us pineapples as a thank you because he had nothing else to give. What a precious gesture. My heart breaks for them. And is still with them in Guatemala. So many precious faces we interacted with during our time there building, playing, doing medical clinics. So many souls changed for eternity. We have awakened anew to the power of prayer and watched God immediately answer time after time…after time! Watching my daughter and her friends bond with the kids in the village and play with people an ocean away like they were the kids next door blessed my heart and the hearts of the other moms. God is so very faithful, but there is still so much work today. The team that arrived the day after us is dedicating another 6 houses today. More families lives will be forever changed!

We were also blessed with being able to see two separate active volcanoes while we were there and a lunar eclipse…as if the beauty all around us in this gorgeous land was not enough. I fell in love with the team we were part of…strangers coming together for a common goal and leaving as friends! There were a few kids at our orphanage that almost came home in my suitcase as well. Thank you to ALL who supported us, whether in finances, prayer, providing suitcases, or helping our families while we were gone. It was so worth it…trust me! God is GOOD! God is ALIVE! and HE is MOVING in the hearts of His people…and in the hearts of those who don’t yet know HIM…but WILL!!!



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