"How beautiful are the feet of them who bring the Good News!" Romans 10:14-15



HIS Hands!



HIS Feet!



HIS Wings

Hands, Feet, & Wings

$40,823 of $62,683 raised

PRAY with us and for us, as we seek to be HIS Hands,  HIS Feet, and HIS Wings, living out “Whatever it takes, bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying…”  Help us not only to continue doing so but to do so more effectively and efficiently in Jesus name!

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Paradise Bound Ministries
PO Box 80 Zeeland, MI 49464

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HIS Hands

Discipleship is HUGE within PBM. It simply and profoundly is; "Mission Team Impact Extended!" The black Colorado pictured above will be our third such colored Discipleship Truck in Guatemala...with your help! The timing could not be worse financially, yet as the Macho vans are the "feet of those that bring Good News", the Discipleship Trucks are the hands that continue our Lord's work unto Eternity thru Discipleship. PRAY with us regarding this Discipleship Truck, located in MI that we desperately need in Guatemala (more info above).

HIS Feet

The PBM 4x4 vans have become the "beautiful feet" that carry the teams to the remote villages,"going and telling" of our Lord Jesus Christ's Love for them…all the way to Eternity! These vans have come to be affectionately known as the “PBM Macho Vans”. Thousands of Mission Team Members and critical supplies have been carried by Macho 1 and all have fallen in love with this very first 4x4 diesel van that PBM set out in prayer to own AND utilize in the battle against the enemy. 11 years have gone by since we sent a Friday afternoon email with the vision of having a powerful 4x4 van that was up for bid on eBay, of all places. By Monday morning, PBM owned our first Macho and in Jesus name...the demons shuddered!

We’d like you to meet the next "beautiful feet" that will carry the "Good News" of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the lost and dying! We've been led to the 4x4 van pictured, and ask that you Pray with us about partnering financially to make that happen…

HIS Wings

As incredible as the "Hands & Feet" are, sometimes you just need Wings! The hours (days/months) saved, the access to remote villages (even during the rainy season when most are cut off from road access), and the expansion of PBM's Seminary/Pastor Training into the Jungle regions of the Peten and Chiapas Mexico are attributed to Aviation! The "treasure in Heaven" continues to accumulate rapidly when Aviation is involved... BUT our Aviation Ministry is hurting deeply. In 2017 we were blessed with the Aviation budget being covered for that year. 2018 has seen very little financial support for our Aviation Ministry and we have 7 months of our Lord's work yet remaining this year.

PRAY with us for HIS "Hands, & Feet, & Wings" within PBM. Without them...without you, our Lord's work is critically hindered! Simply follow our Lord’s missionary heart within yours as you pray and seek how you may be able to partner with us, not only financially, but for Eternity.

HIS servants,
Team PBM