All These Other Things…

Our Lord has brought me back to this verse above in Matt 6 time and time again during these first 10 days of our 30 days of fasting and prayer for and with PBM!   But…the verse starts with “But…”, and thus the verses before must be looked at as well.   Vs 32; For the pagans [unbelievers] run after all these things…”  33; “But seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS Righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”  I love seeking the Kingdom of God AND I love it that “all these other things will be added unto [us]!”   Yay…but, I’m not liking Vs 32 very much as it shows us, through what it is we often seek, just who we are.  OUCH…I do not want to be a pagan [unbeliever].  One word changes it all;  “…seek FIRST the Kingdom of God…”
“There is NOTHING EASIER that getting into a right relationship with God,
EXCEPT when it is NOT God Whom you seek,
but only what HE gives.” 

Yesterday’s My Utmost for HIS Highest.
That also sums up Matt 6:32,33 pretty well!

With only 19 days of Praying and fasting left before the May 17th meeting of the PBM Board of Directors.  We’ve journeyed through praying for; Decisions (facts & figures), Discernment that only comes through Prayer, and the real Purpose of Prayer:  “We look upon prayer simply as a means to get answers, but the real purpose of prayer is that we get to know God HIMself.”  Today through Eternity, it is simply Seeking HIM…First!  And when we do Seek HIM First…

Everything Changes, NOT only because our Lord Lovingly promises that when we Seek HIM we WILL find HIM!  Look at Matt 6:34, directly following 33 (obviously right…but are we living this?) and thus our Lord’s command AND promise that when we do Seek HIM First, then: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow…”

How simple it is;

  • Seek HIM First! 
  • Then all these other things will be added unto us! 
  • So we have absolutely nothing to worry about!
    • What are we waiting for?!?!
PRAY with us and for us…19 days remaining!
HIS servant,


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