Action Bible Report August 2020

August Action Bible Update
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Greetings from Guatemala!

I am so thankful to all of you for Praying for the Action Bible Program.  Even during these difficult times, we see God’s faithful provision for this ministry.  We praise God for the shipment of 55,000 Action Bibles that have arrived at the PBM Mission Base.  They will be used to teach children about the Love of God and HIS gift of Salvation! 

  Children in Guatemala have been out of the classroom for almost the entire school year.  This creates many challenges for families.  In our culture, children spend half of their day at school, and the rest of the time completing homework.  We have reached out to parents to see how they are spending their time at home with their students, and what activities they are doing with them.  It is important to keep our children engaged and learning new things, even from home. 

  I am saddened to see so many children within rural villages selling things in the streets and others working in the fields hoping to make enough money to feed their families.  We are continuing to provide food to those in need while encouraging families to continue reading their Action Bibles to bring peace and hope in the middle of the storm they are in. 

  God has not stopped HIS Holy work.  During the past few months, 740 children have been reached with the Action Bible around the country!   Through technology and virtual meetings like Zoom, I have been able to stay connected with many Pastors and leaders to provide support and follow up with them.  We continue to evaluate the time children spend reading and enjoying the scriptures in these beautiful Action Bible textbooks. 

Please keep Praying for the Word of God as it is moving and changing lives in Guatemala. 

In Christ…Nelson Morales
Guatemala Action Bible Field Director


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