Action Bible Update April 2020

Greetings from Guatemala!

   No matter where we live, we are all facing difficult times.  As we navigate our lives during the COVID outbreak, we need to remember that God is still in control of it all.  HE is still seated on HIS throne.  HE sovereignly controls his creation, and HE is calling us to use this hardship as an opportunity to lift our voices and glorify HIM.

   God’s great Love and faithfulness are evident as HE continues to bless the Action Bible Program in Guatemala.  I received a request from an Education Supervisor, who desired that students be provided with beautiful Action Bibles to encourage them to practice reading skills while at home with their families.  As a result, we were delighted to distribute 150 Action Bibles and a reading curriculum, directly to children in their homes!  We were able to coordinate these deliveries with a local food distribution program that the government is providing for these families.

Download the report here


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