…and finding HIM!

Authentic, effective ministry always, always
flows out of union and communion with God. 
Then, if we’re going to be effective servants of the Lord,
if we’re going to have something to give others,
we have to cultivate and maintain
a growing, vital, intimate love relationship with God.”

Dear Friends, and Prayer Warriors,

   I’ll be as brief as I can, but I and PBM owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to each one of you who have journeyed with us in Prayer these last 30 days!  Even if it was just one Prayer, we are Eternally thankful…as are those whose lives will be changed Everlastingly!

   Our Board Meeting began by simply each Member sharing what they experienced throughout the 30 Days of Prayer…I absolutely loved what I was hearing.  My heart of hearts was smiling deeply as each shared of how our Lord worked within their lives, and how HE was confirming PBM in so many ways.  Your Prayers, combined with ours, then answered by our Lord have confirmed in our hearts the discernment to move forward confidently in HIM in all major aspects of PBM.  Thank you!

   Personally, these past 30 Days have again been some of the best of my life.  No, not every day was perfect…if they were, that would not be life, that will be Heaven!  I so appreciate all the Prayers and encouragement as we all took an appropriate step back and said: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening…”  God has more fully confirmed our calling this 30 Days, and this evening, unto HIMself first and then, after time in HIS presence, healing and empowerment…” unto the uttermost!”  But ALWAYS in that order!

    I’ll leave you with this quote by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth that sums up these 30 Days of Prayer for myself and many of our Board of Directors, and then the outcome of that found in Jesus’ own words:

HIS forever changed (again) servant,


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