October 11, 2019

Day 20 – “…unto the Lover of my soul!”

Day 20, of our 30 Days of Prayer to be Centered in HIS Holy and Perfect will for this, HIS ministry is upon us. That Prayer is not simply for PBM, for if you are Praying for “The Center of HIS Holy and Perfect will”, that same Prayer will also transform your life as it has mine. There is no better place to be than in the Center of HIS Holy and Perfect will! No better place, now or Everlastingly!
October 9, 2019

A Long-Awaited Homecoming!

Hey PBM Family, We celebrate with Bruce and Jen as after 111 days in Parkland Burn Center in Texas, they have been successfully moved to Florida…back to their home and family!  This is something they have longed for, for a very long time.  Mountains continue to be moved through the thousands that have and are […]
October 6, 2019

The Faith of a Child

In response to a Sunday morning Church service where someone shared about an upcoming mission trip to Guatemala, my then 8-year old son Jacob looked at me and said “I want to go to Guatemala! I can use my Spanish to tell others about Jesus.” Jacob is a Spanish Immersion student and he wanted to […]
October 6, 2019

Defending the Weak and the Fatherless

The focus of every program within Paradise Bound is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not know him as their personal Lord and Savior. Presenting the ministry to those who are not familiar with PBM is simple. We share the process from the initial impact within a village through medical […]
October 6, 2019

Action Bibles On The Move

In 2019, there are over five million children enrolled in elementary schools within Guatemala. Our Action Bible Field Director, Nelson Morales, has a goal to reach as many of them as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These beautifully illustrated Action Bibles are an amazing tool to introduce children to the love of their […]
October 6, 2019

Day 15 – “…it is time to fast and pray”

“People all over America and the far reaches of the world are beginning to see that fasting is not just for a select few—but that God is a rewarder of all who diligently seek Him. Fasting and prayer bring you closer to God. While that may be a brief answer, it is by no means simplistic. Fasting is a short season that releases long-term rewards.”
October 1, 2019

Day 10: “Eternal Life is this…”

“After Jesus had spoken these words; ‘But take courage, I have overcome the world’, HE looked up to Heaven and Prayed, ‘Father the hour has come, Glorify your Son so that the Son may Glorify you since you have given HIM authority over all people to give Eternal Life… And this is Eternal Life, that […]
September 26, 2019

Day 5 – Why add fasting?

For those of you who might have known Luke slightly better, I’m Ashley. I have 3 daughters - twin 3.5-year-olds and a nearly two-year-old. I’m also 32 weeks with my youngest. Yes, they are all girls! Their names are Nicole Faith, Isabella Grace, Brooklyn Hope, and Amari Michaela Mercy.
September 22, 2019

“…great and unsearchable things!” 30 Days of Prayer begins today!

Why 30 Days of Prayer...again? It has been nearly 1-1/2 years since PBM called upon you to call upon our Lord in 30 Days of Prayer specifically for PBM. Then it was for the largest decision to date of PBM...through that 30 Days of Prayer we realized it was not a decision (facts and figures), it was to be discernment, and that can only come through Prayer! If you missed our posts in 2018, they can be found here.
September 15, 2019

Action Bible September Monthly Report

We continue reaching into the public schools at El Quiche 6%, Totonicapan 40%, San Marcos 6%, Chimaltenango 4%, Suchitepequez 2%, Escuintla 4%, Jutiapa 2%, Guatemala 20%, Quetzaltenango 3%, Solola 15%, Izabal 3% and El Peten 13%
September 10, 2019

Action Bible Report August 2019

We are continuing to reach out to rural communities distributing Action Bibles, leading workshops, and more. I am excited to share many of the great experiences we have lived as we shared God’s word with hundreds of children.
August 20, 2019

Action Bible Report July 2019

We give thanks to the Lord for all He is doing in Guatemala and for letting us be a part of His work. I am pleased to send you this monthly update and share more about the Action Bible Program.