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September 26, 2019
Day 15 – “…it is time to fast and pray”
October 6, 2019
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Day 10: “Eternal Life is this…”

“After Jesus had spoken these words; ‘But take courage, I have overcome the world’, HE looked up to Heaven and Prayed, ‘Father the hour has come, Glorify your Son so that the Son may Glorify you since you have given HIM authority over all people to give Eternal Life…
And this is Eternal Life, that they may know you, the only True God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent!”

John 16:33-John 17:3

Hey Everyone,

Day 10 is upon us in our 30 Days of Prayer Journey!  Personally, this is already as amazing as our last 30 Days of Prayer, and we are only 10 days in!  Have you joined us?  If not, will you PLEASE join us in this Journey!

“Prayer IS the greater work!” has been quoted by PBM for 22 years, but why?  Because Prayer is about getting to know God HIMself…  Oswald Chambers (who the quote “Prayer IS the greater work” originated from), says that “We look upon prayer simply as a means of getting things for ourselves, but the Biblical purpose of prayer is that we may get to know God Himself.”   Its time in our lives to allow the very purpose for which Prayer was created and gifted to us; “to get to know God HIMself!”  Let’s Pray (seek HIM) with All of our hearts this 30 days of Prayer, culminating with our Oct 21 Board Meeting!  Seeking NOT anything for ourselves, instead “to get to know God HIMself”, and thus; “…our Lord’s Holy and Perfect will for [our lives, and] this HIS ministry!”   Without knowing HIM (which happens through Prayer), it is impossible to know HIS will.

What greater thing than Prayer?  To seek HIM and find HIM…  What greater thing than the guidance, the wisdom, “…the assurance of things hoped for, the absolute certainty of things not yet seen!”  Of HIS “plan”, HIS “hope”, HIS “future” within us to ultimately “accomplish infinitely far more than we can ever ask or even imagine!”  Let’s get to know (through Prayer) the very One who promises us ALL this and so much more…Prayer is getting to know HIM!

It is Oct 1st my friends, and the beginning of a fast many of you are embarking upon today as shared by Ashley in our last post.  She challenged us to it, and even to take some action steps and purchase a book or two to help guide you.  It is not too late…this 3-day fasting potion of our 30 Days of Prayer starts today.  There is still time!

Each post from here out, we’ll try to give you something specific to Pray for within PBM (if you missed my video today, please watch it as well for more explanation).  Over these next 5 days, until our next Prayer post, please Pray for our upcoming Mission Teams!  Winter 2020 Teams are formed, and there is still room to join.  Our Summer 2020 Teams are in the application process…which is exactly why we need Prayer these next 5 days as the application deadline (Oct 7) and decisions near on who will join us in Guatemala in 2020.  The Mission Teams are NOT something we take lightly, they are an intricate part of the incredible call within our hearts of Building Eternal Relationships that our Lord HIMself has called us ALL to!

HIS servant,

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