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September 22, 2019
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October 1, 2019
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Day 5 – Why add fasting?

Luke and I saw some amazing things happen when we fasted and prayed.

Hey Everyone!

For those of you who might have known Luke slightly better, I’m Ashley. I have 3 daughters - twin 3.5-year-olds and a nearly two-year-old. I’m also 32 weeks with my youngest. Yes, they are all girls! Their names are Nicole Faith, Isabella Grace, Brooklyn Hope, and Amari Michaela Mercy.

Fun facts about the baby's name:

  • Amari means a miracle of God
  • Luke’s middle name was Michael
  • My brother’s name is Michael and my other brother’s girlfriend is Michelle
  • So, Michaela as a middle name it is!

We are currently in Houston, TX with my parents until I deliver Amari with my special OB here. In January, we’ll move back up to Longview, TX for a year or so to gain skills, grow, and just be home with our church. After that, in 2021, I’m hoping to move us back to Guatemala!

Now for our thought today as we’re praying together with PBM for 30 days. Why add fasting? Luke and I saw some amazing things happen when we fasted and prayed. I’ll share more of our stories in future posts, but a HUGE help and breakthrough came in the form of the book Fasting by Jentezen Franklin. I highly recommend you grab it whether you are a seasoned faster or have been too scared to fast. We had both fasted before, but this took us to a whole new level of understanding which deepened our fasting time.

One point Franklin makes in his book is the 3 stranded cord we see when Jesus is exhorting the disciples. “When you pray, …”, “When you give, …” and “When you fast, …”. He did not say when you pray, if you give, and if you fast. All 3 are expected as followers of Jesus. He then ties it in with the 30, 60, and 100-fold blessing.

  • When we just pray, we hit the 30-fold blessing. Better than nothing.
  • When we pray AND give our 10% tithe, we hit that 60-fold! Oh yeah, life is starting to seem different and great. You start getting a taste of God’s power and faithfulness.
  • However, when we pray, give, AND fast, miracles happen! Let me tell you, that 100-fold blessing is REAL.

So that is what Luke and I began to do at the beginning of 2019. We read this book in preparation for our church’s 3-day fasting and praying weekend and decided to up our fast to 7 days. We knew we were headed to Guatemala two days after the fast ended and had some things we wanted to see happen while we were there. Let’s just say, God did some incredible things and His timing was amazing! We then decided to fast the first 3 days of February and March which added even more to everything.

Until the next email, grab your book and learn about fasting! I plan on doing a 3 day fast (pregnancy safe style) on Oct 1st-3rd, as well as at the end of our 30 Days of Prayer on October 19th-21st. Join with me, even if it’s just one of those days or all six of them! God will do amazing things in your life as well as within PBM!

Ashley Sullivan

P.S. We’ll go over the different types of fasts during the middle of our 30 days but for now, get the book and start reading about them! Here is the link!

There is also a second book that I had no idea about, but you better believe I just bought the kindle and audiobook together for less than $10! You can grab those here:

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