Fearless Followers experiencing Paradise Bound

We are on day two of our week in Guatemala and can’t wait for what God has planned for us tomorrow. We are serving along side Life Stream church and our groups have started to work as one. It awesome when two churches work together as one church, to bring justice and mercy to those who are in need.

Today we finished construction on our houses by adding roofs, stucco and paint. The families were overjoyed to see their new homes take shape. They joined in the painting. At one of the homes 5 children and the mom and dad helped to paint pictures and bible verses on the the walls of their new home. They painted sunflowers, doves, mountains and trees alongside Bonnie, MaryJo, Phil, Lois, Scott and Marcia. It was such a cool experience to be packed into a 10×12 home with paints and brushes.

At the end of the day the family loved what had been created on the walls of their home. To see their faces beaming with pride was gift to all of us. It’s amazing to see that while we are building homes we are also building relationships. God is changing more than the lives of the home owners. He is filling our hearts with compassion and love for the people of Cambalcol.

We are also thankful for google translate. We have been able to share information about our lives and families as well. Tomorrow we take gifts to the home owners and dedicate their houses. The gospel will be presented and we are praying that these families begin their faith journey with the Lord Jesus who loves them to the fullest measure.

We have also spent a fair amount of time playing soccer with local children. Whenever we come into the villages we hear their laughter and squeals for candy. We have also spent a lot of our time at night inside the orphanage here. There are 23 little angel faced babies age 2-5yrs who all need hugs and cuddles. It is a blessing to be able to help feed them and care for them. We are praying that everyone of them would find their way to their forever home soon but we know that until that happens they are in well taken care of by the staff of Paradise Bound.

Thank you all for praying for our team. Keep them coming. Soreness is a thing and we are feeling the effects of the altitude and the work.

Love and Peace

Pastor Kate Bareman and the Fearless Follower Guatemala Mission Team.


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