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October 4, 2017
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Feed my sheep…

In some ways, I am ashamed to look at the picture above, of a “home” in Los Lotes, and then share with you what I have below of “difficulties”…yet I also know from 20 years behind the enemy lines, that I need to share the following with each of you as well…we NEED PRAYER!

I and our staff were asking the “WHY” question in these last days as we are battle weary and beaten down.  Yet the essence, our Lord’s words in John 21 are; IF you love ME…“Feed My Sheep…tend my lambs” and those words have come fully into my heart as I have pondered the “WHY?”.  Seems easy enough doesn’t it…and even pretty cool to take care of HIS sheep and his cuddly little lambs.  BUT WAIT…those sheep and lambs are like many of us “once” were, most are lost, or difficult, or smelly, or butting or even a combination of ALL that AND more.  That is when we are truly tested and our hearts are revealed ofttimes when confronted with sheep or lambs of such difficult variety, we ourselves revert immediately back to the same lost, difficult, smelly, butting sheep we once were without Christ…Hmmm.

Pouring ourselves into the refugee village of Los Lotes, that we discovered last year, has been one of the more difficult experiences of PBM in recent years.  The “road” alone equals “difficult” in ways you cannot comprehend until you experience it…in fact, I believe it IS the most difficult we have ever attempted to build homes at the far end of.

The construction of the building and bathhouse (future church) to serve the Mission Teams living there was/is a monumental task and has taken a tremendous amount of time, energy, and finances.  Now, as the second Mission Team has come and gone within Los Lotes, we are starting to see the fruit (10 families have now excepted our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior), yet we are also seeing even more of the enemy rearing his ugly head.  PRAY for us PLEASE!  It is the only defense we have against the onslaught of the enemy in Los Lotes.  YES we are seeing an AMAZING harvest, but it has come at an INCREDIBLE price…the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ who has called each of us unto HIMself, and “unto the uttermost…”IF you love ME, “Feed my sheep…tend my lambs”

Yes, 10 families have already received Salvation in Jesus Precious Name and that is to be Celebrated as it has been and is in “…all of Heaven”.  The airstrip in Los Lotes was also completed last week by a crew from Oetman Excavating, as well as opening new roads for the village.  Being transparent, however, we NEED your PRAYERS!  We are hurting AND as we said “Goodbye” to Team Kerkstra/JQ99 just yesterday, Team Fellowship arrives today at 2:25 pm eastern.  PRAY us through customs and directly to Los Lotes this afternoon!  PRAY then as our Lord directs…we NEED you and we NEED HIM!

HIS servant,

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