Team Fellowship/Woodhaven

Welcome Team Fellowship/Woodhaven!  Please Pray this precious team of 31 through customs and their long journey over extremely rough roads to the remote village of Los Lotes.  There the team will complete the construction of the final five homes in this community.   

   Friday and Saturday will be building days, and Sunday, we will celebrate Dedication Day.  Each family receiving a home will be presented with the Gospel and an invitation to enter into an intimate, personal relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

   The team will travel to other remote villages Monday and Tuesday.  There they will conduct outreaches through our remote medical clinics and will be the hands and feet of Jesus for hundreds of individuals in desperate need of healing…physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

“Devote yourselves to Prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Colossians 4:2

Please join us and lift them up in Prayer as they enter a week of building not only homes but Eternal Relationships!

Randy Hinken
Andy Odehnal
Becky Odehnal
Mason Odehnal
Matt Nederveld
Julie Horling
Jack Barr II
Megan Rocha-Adams
Nicholas Miller
Karen Vandermeer
Jordan Vandermeer
Brian Giere
Hannah Giere
Holly Poll
Ron Poll
Taylor Nederveld
Lori VanKoevering
Gavin VanKoevering
Jennifer Potter
Ron Hubbert
Ron Volkers
Chip Henline
Arlan TenClay
Marlene Holstine
Brent VanBlois
Alan Carr
John Kaashoek
Melissa Vandermeer
Marcia Emmert
Karen Kaashoek
Becky Emmert


  1. Michelle Nienhuis

    Praying for your team as you travel today. May God watch over you and keep you all safe.

    • Becky Emmert

      Thank you for your prayers! We did experience a lot of turbulence on both flights coming here, but God delivered us safely!!

  2. Becky Emmert

    Thank you all for the support over the last week. We are all feeling very Blessed with everything we’ve experienced thus far. All of our families dedicated/rededicated themselves to God at our house dedications. We also had incredible turn outs at both medical clinics. We had a lot of people dedicate/rededicate themselves at those as well! God has been very good to our team and we are so thankful for your support that made this possible. We are definitely going to miss the PBM staff and all of the villagers as we leave tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us as we have our final devotions today and we travel tomorrow. This was my second trip with PBM and if you haven’t gone I would highly recommend it! It is life changing even after having gone once before. God never lets us down and always surprises us in small and big ways when we let him. God Bless you All!!!


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