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March 21, 2018
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Finding a Forever Home

By Bart Green

We all enter this world with a smack on our backside and a good cry. But for many Guatemalan infants, this painful introduction to the world is not comforted by their mother’s first embrace. Instead, these fresh whimpers go unanswered, in – of all places - a hospital ward for the abandoned. With their parents either unwilling or unable to handle their care, these new arrivals are left with few options, and none of them good; for they enter this world not only helpless and seemingly hopeless. They are, in every sense of the word ...homeless.

What these children need is help; someone to open both their heart and their arms to these new arrivals. What these young ones need is hope; someone to see to their daily necessities and individual care. What they lack is a firm foundation, a sturdy starting point.

What is missing is a place that they can call ‘...home’.

Recognizing this on-going need for change, Paradise Bound built a special house just for Guatemala’s orphans; it is appropriately called, “OPEN DOORS.”

Working with Foster Care and area social workers, Open Doors provides not only basic care for newborns, infants, toddlers and children of all ages, the orphanage also educates these young ones with the practical knowledge to discover both their individual gifts, and the life-affirming hope that they are not alone. Each one learns that they, in fact, have options; among them, becoming Paradise Bound.

No matter how or why these little ones were abandoned, God has a plan for every life. And this ministry is committed to caring for each of these special few until they find a loving family and a ‘forever home’ of their own.

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