Without Ceasing…

With Prayer (unceasingly) at the very heart of everything we do and are, rejoicing always and giving thanks in all circumstances is possible…is promised!

Our desire is NOT to overwhelm you with emails, but instead encourage your heart in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Stick with us (some have unsubscribed due to “too much talk about prayer”).  With just 2 days left before the May 17th Board Meeting that will affect Eternity…we can’t let up yet.  We do however promise to give you a break soon!

Prayer unceasingly is a state of heart.  It is not the physical habit of doing so that may have limited results (b/c our hearts are not in it)…it must be our hearts AND even more, it can only be the heart of Jesus Christ within ours!  Then comes rejoicing, more praying, giving thanks in all circumstances, AND being the will of God in Christ Jesus for YOU!  What an ABSOLUTELY beautiful place to be…” centered in our Lord’s Holy and Perfect will for this, HIS ministry!”

HIS servant,


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