“…great and unsearchable things!” 30 Days of Prayer begins today!

‘Call unto ME and I will answer you AND tell you of great and unsearchable things…’

“Great and Unsearchable things”, my friends!  “Great and Mighty”, or “Wonderful and Marvelous”, as other version attempts to somehow put into words what we cannot even begin to comprehend!  Yet our Lord in HIS infinite Wisdom promises us these “Wonderful and Marvelous things”, only IF we call upon HIM.  Call upon ME…’, Says the Lord of Hosts!  ‘Call upon ME and I will [personally] answer you AND [if that were not enough] tell you of Great and Mighty things you do not know!’  I’m not sure where you may be right now on this journey of life…but I know that I looooooong for the “Great and Unsearchable” things to be revealed by our Lord HIMself through Prayer (calling out to HIM)!

Why 30 Days of Prayer…again?  It has been nearly 1-1/2 years since PBM called upon you to call upon our Lord in 30 Days of Prayer specifically for PBM.  Then it was for the largest decision to date of PBM…through that 30 Days of Prayer we realized it was not a decision (facts and figures), it was to be discernment, and that can only come through Prayer!  If you missed our posts in 2018, they can be found here.

A couple of weeks ago, on Sept 5th, PBM’s Board of Directors and US Staff were able to all be in one location to meet and Pray together.  The first time since the June 27th aviation accident that claimed the life of Luke Sullivan, PBM’s Aviation Director and so much more.  We asked you to Pray, and Pray so many of you did!  We were led yet again into 30 Days of Prayer and invite each of you to journey with us.

PBM’s passion since our inception (22 years ago) is to “Remain in the center our Lord’s Holy and Perfect will for this, HIS ministry!” That does not and can not happen without Prayer, of which you will hear a lot about in these next 30 days…culminating with our next PBM gathering of Board Members on Oct 21st (30 days from now). 

“Remain in the center of our Lord’s Holy and Perfect will for this, HIS ministry!” 

To seek and to remain in our Lord’s Holy and Perfect will…that is our heart and that is our battle cry in Prayer these next 30 days!  Pray this today, and together may we call unto HIM these next 30 days…unified as one and declaring in Heaven and on earth our desire to be in the very center of our Lord’s Holy and Perfect will!  Discernment on the future of PBM will come out of these next 30 Days of Prayer and calling upon our Lord…because HE will answer us AND tell us of “Great and Unsearchable things!”

Ashley Sullivan, a few others, and myself will be helping you along this journey.  Emails will be every few days at first, then ramping up.  Social media posts will be more frequent, and in our next email we will share even more ways to participate alongside us on our knees.  Until then, PRAY in Jesus Incredible Name!  PRAY in Faith Believing!  PRAY expectantly…for HIS promises are True!  PRAY unceasingly!

HIS servant,

ps:  In the upcoming posts, we’ll share more about Prayer, but also fasting.  Our Prayer is that each and every one of us will be forever changed, as is what happened to countless lives that participated in our last 30 days of Prayer.  I hope you are ready…to be forever changed!  I am!


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