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When God is All Around

A small glimpse into the heart of Paradise Bound Ministries during a Guatemala Mission Trip: This is what it looks like when God is all around you. When God Is All Around from Adam Richter on Vimeo..


of your life

Home Construction, Medical Clinics, the Gospel… and You

Your Paradise Bound mission experience is eight days long yet will live in your heart through eternity as you encounter and share Jesus Christ with those He calls unto Himself through You! You do not need construction skills, medical training or a Spanish speaking background. Let us handle everything; just come ready to serve, be served, and experience the joy of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Our home construction, medical clinics, and Gospel presentations are designed for you to participate at whatever level you can, no matter your age or ability. Our Guatemalan staff will handle the verbal Gospel presentation and invitation to accept Jesus Christ, however you will be right alongside us and alongside Him as he wraps His loving arms around His precious children for eternity.

Youth Pastors & Team Leaders

Paradise Bound schedules mission experiences for churches, organizations, adults, youth, families, couples, individuals or any combination of the above. To find out how to join or form a team, please contact us today.

If you are unable to attend a trip, there are still several ways to get involved with PBM.

  • Pray for our ministry
  • Become a financial partner
  • Provide medical supplies
  • Sponsor a child at our Open Doors Children’s Home


We, the founders of Paradise Bound are fully hands on with every mission team that comes to serve beside us. That includes picking you up at the airport, building homes, conducting medical clinics, sharing team devotions, and presenting the Gospel. We even live in an apartment within the Mission Base where you’ll be staying! We count it a privilege to get to know you personally. After all we will spend eternity together.

We recognize the incredible potential of each team member God ordains to send our way. You and your team are as much a missionary and a part of Paradise Bound as we the founders are! Short term missionaries reach thousands of lives each year. We need you to accomplish the calling of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We know that your prayers, a week of your time, and your financial resources are precious. Together we will make a difference in Eternity.

Your Missionaries, and His Servants, Dan, Heidi, Malachi, Ben, Haven and Elijah Smith


Encourage your friends and family to sign up below for our mailing list. They can also visit this site and follow you on your personal and team blogs once you and your team are in Guatemala. The excitement is contagious: A recent team had over 20,000 hits on their blog during their week with us. There are many people in the U.S. wishing to support others following their heart and serving on short term mission trips.

We have not met one team member who God has called to work alongside Paradise Bound leave here without being changed deep within. If you allow it, our Lord will change you beyond what you can even imagine. You do not have to be perfect or even have a relationship with Christ right now, but if you let Him He will embrace you and lead you home. He longs for lives changed and waits now for you and those lives He will touch through you.
Unless otherwise stated, all experiences are eight days. Two are travel days, three are Kingdom Building (construction), and two are Medical Clinic/Outreach. Your last day in Guatemala will be spent shopping in Antigua and could change your life forever with our final evening team devotions!
Contact Maureen at for open dates/teams and additional booking information. Email is always your surest way of communication with us.
Paradise Bound has several extreme duty 4×4 passenger vans especially equipped to carry us safely where no other mission groups go. We reach villages most do not even know exist. Others call us extreme. We are simply following our Lord wherever He goes.
Absolutely not! We provide purified water for all drinking and cooking needs. Please bring an empty water bottle along to fill from our large water containers.
If you have special dietary needs or food allergies, we are not equipped to meet these needs for individual team members. We operate in a remote area of a developing country, and do not have access to many special dietary foods. We encourage you to still consider joining us, but please know that you will have to bring adequate food and resources to meet your special needs. Due to regulations, team members are not allowed in our kitchen so any special dietary food items should be in pre-made form, not needing refrigeration.
Absolutely not! Though Spanish will help you communicate, we actually enjoy it if you cannot. If you do not speak Spanish, you cannot hide behind words like we do so often. Smile and they will smile, love and they will love in return. You’ll be amazed at how God will open your heart and theirs through the lack of communication!
It certainly helps, but is absolutely not necessary. We have designed our homes so anyone, young, old, or anywhere in between can help with the construction; just come ready to be used and changed forever.
Though that opportunity may present itself, no one is forced to do so. Many church going team members come to Guatemala not having a real or deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and therefore have difficulty sharing a testimony. For others it may scare them to think of sharing. However, many team members who never thought they could share have done so and their lives and those hearts listening have never been the same.
Absolutely, our Lord promises that His word would not return unto Him void. Though most teams experience many people coming to know Christ, know that even if we do not see it ourselves, we can stand on the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ. Only eternity will fully reveal the everlasting difference that your decision to come and minister alongside of us will make.

Testimonies from Team Members

Below are just a few representative testimonies of mission team members who have worked alongside us in our Kingdom Builders and Medical Clinics programs. For more detailed information on each team, view the blog page of prior participants. If you have a testimony about your Paradise Bound experience and wish share with us, please submit your story to

  • Team Hudsonville/Maurice 2015
    During the house dedications we were able to lay hands on the family members, pray with them, and give them lots of hugs!  During this whole process, the other people were outside surrounding the house praying, singing praises, and reading their Bibles.  It was a very powerful and amazing experience.  There are not enough words to describe our entire experience that we have had so far.  It has been so great to experience God’s love in such a special way and cross language barriers the ways that we have over the past couple days.
    Team Hudsonville/Maurice 2015
  • Team GR Christian High 2015
    Here is an update on what we did today! It was probably my favorite day so far, minus the getting up at 5:30 am part. It was our second construction day. We stuccoed all four houses, which was quite the adventure. We worked together quite nicely, with some people applying the stucco and other people being “runners” to get them more stucco. The best part of the day was when we got to paint the inside of the houses, first with a base color and then with murals. The kids from the village helped us paint, which was quite amusing. They were absolutely adorable, and so fun to interact with. Tomorrow is the day when we dedicate the houses. It’s crazy to think that we built a house in just 2 days! It has been such a great ride so far! God is so good.
    Team GR Christian High 2015
  • Team Keokuk 2015
    Sunday’s clinic service day began and ended the same way: in prayer. We took a two-hour hair-raising drive winding around the mountains to end up eight miles away in a small village, Panatzun, where PBM ministered in 2009. Dan said he didn’t know why God had called us back there but by the end of the evening, he probably had several answers. One answer was that the village may be reached more directly by air, as they also have a beautiful soccer field laid out with no obstructions. Our team fanned out into the small crowd that grew during the afternoon, as many families had been visiting or shopping on their Sunday afternoon. The dental team did double duty, working longer than the rest of us to help people with infected and impacted teeth. The medical clinic folks met with 60 families overall, and handed out many medications, eyeglasses, and prayer. Lots of fingernail painting, soccer, football, basketball, frisbees, circle games, and the group favorite–Hokey Pokey–brought giggles and laughs to young and old alike. Many families stayed into the night, visiting in small groups, and then gathering together to watch the Jesus film, listen and sing along to our worship, and hear team members’ testimonies on how they had changed once they allowed God to direct their lives. Pastor Hermano Jesus picked up on the details and shaped his teaching into a powerful testimony of how Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Many came forward during the altar call. We celebrated with more prayer and hugs!
    Team Keokuk 2015
  • Harry and Marianne
    Dear Staff, Thank you so much for empowering us to take the next steps - and leaps - closer to the Lord and His life in us during our time in Guatemala.  We pray for each of you and the ministry of Paradise Bound that all may be centered in His will for us.  Blessings to each of you!
    Harry and Marianne
  • Charlene
    Dear Staff, This gift is given to honor my relative who had no children of her own, but cared deeply about kids who had no place to go.  She worked hard all her life and I hope she would be pleased to know this gift will impact a life at the Open Door's Children's Home.
  • Joycelyn
    Dan, I want to thank you and your staff on behalf of all the members of our team, for providing such a wonderful experience in Guatemala.  The spiritual component was like none other that we have done.  We loved being able to build homes for 5 very poor families, alongside the family members, in San Ramon. Blessings to you, your staff, and your family.
  • J. Brace
    Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace which passes all understanding will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. —Philippians 4:6-7 Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the construction process at your new location. It was very enriching to work with other talented and committed men to further your mission. I thought the construction process was why I felt moved to help out and that was something I felt qualified to help with. But by the end of the trip I knew God only wanted me there to carry a Bible that was set in front of me, up a few stairs to a young man in a remote village and He will take care of the rest. That was easy! I ended up doing what I felt least qualified for, it took no special talent and it also makes the biggest impact for both of us. Bet that's not the first time someone has experienced the same thing. I can think of many things to say about how great a job you are doing by helping the people, how wisely you proceed and the enriching time I had, but the only thing that mattered once I returned home was that I carried that Bible—easily the simplest thing I did all week. Thanks for the work He does thru you and your family.
    J. Brace
  • M. De Jong
    I am praying right now for you…and I’m remembering that prayer isn’t just for the great work: it is the greatest work! :) I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the trip I took to serve with you in Guatemala a few summers ago, and how God nudged me even farther towards foreign missions through that experience. I love how God works. Now I am serving in Greece, and I will be here as long as God keeps me here. So sweet to be following the plans the Lord has for me to bring Him all the glory and praise. May you be filled to the brim and overflowing with the peace and joy of Christ, empowered to pierce the darkness of this world with the light of Christ!
    M. De Jong


Mission team participant L. Bauman recently sent us a reflection on her week-long trip to Guatemala with Paradise Bound. Click the link to download and read her firsthand account, “A Glimpse at Our Week with Paradise Bound”.




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