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March 30, 2018
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April 17, 2018
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Holding On…

Hey Everyone,

For those of you in the upper mid-west, Winter is literally “Holding on…”.  Spring is loooonnnngggg overdue.  “Holding on…” can mean so many different things to each one of us, yet somehow the same.  Positive, negative, or somewhere in between, “Holding on…” can mean just about anything.  Titles like this not only make us reflect and ponder, they draw us in with anticipation and thus the next paragraph, or at least I hope so!  My PRAYER is (drawing from one of our slogans a few years back) that;

“A few moments of your time [right now] can equal someone else’s Eternity in Jesus Name.”

“Holding on…” for PBM has been all we could do throughout the last few months, let me show you, thru the bullet points below, but promise me you’ll keep “holding on…” until the end of this email…Please!

  • 30 Homes Built/Dedicated in the refugee village of Los Lotes
    • We lived in Los Lotes while building there.
      • Church, bathhouse & kitchen facility built to house the teams.
    • By far the most difficult “road” we have ever built at the end of.
      • Our vans are decimated…(I’m not kidding!!!)
    • Spiritual Warfare beyond what we’ve experienced in years.
    • VICTORY in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord!
  • 12 Mobile Medical Clinic/Outreaches in remote villages…, including 3 with dental clinics.
  • 4 Remote Airstrips Constructed in 4 “target” villages.
    • A target village is destined for, or already has a PBM Church Plant.
  • 4  Seminary Groups, including a new class in the heart of persecuted Chiapas, MX
    • Rio Dulce Seminary Graduation just last week!
  • 2  Village Wide Water Filtration Systems installed and inaugurated.
    • Partnering with Healing Waters International, lives saved now, and unto Eternity!
  • 1 New Church Plant!
  • Action Bible Program Expansion!
  • Village Impact & Wellness Extending ever further, including Discipleship!
    • Too many baptisms of new believers to list…
  • Open Doors Orphanage, growing in Christ!



“Holding on…”, as our Lord has and is working in absolutely Amazing ways…but also barely “holding on…”  Most of you have experienced both; “holding on”, in a great and amazing journey, and the more difficult of; “just barely holding on” as if life depended on it.   Pouring ourselves out, not just as a few bullet points and pictures, but with the “urgency of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”  Living out HIS heart in the midst of the enemy camp these last few months has taken its toll.  A heavy toll; physically, emotionally, and spiritually!  VICTORY in Jesus Name?  AMEN!  But battle-scarred we are on every front.  Wait…  Our Lord bore scars of a much deeper nature still as HE bore our sins upon the cross (our cross, our sins)…  THANK YOU, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…our example!Would you take a few moments to PRAY for us?  Really earnestly PRAY for us today [right now] and throughout this weekend?  We’ve constantly quoted; “…PRAYER is the greater work.”, and you’ve experienced it through PBM and our Lord!  My friends, we NEED your PRAYERS and thus; HIS GREATER WORK within our lives and this, HIS ministry right now…

“A few moments of your time [right now] can equal someone else’s Eternity in Jesus Name.”
Holding on…
Dan & Team Paradise Bound
ps:   We have never been a ministry to hold back, even while “barely holding on…”   We began PBM with $200./month “pledged” for our support.  We have been here before.  “We walk in faith, not by finances!”  Yet, we also know that you walk alongside us in PRAYER and support, and thus we are compelled to share with you our need for your PRAYERS financially as well.  PRAYERS first, and then simply follow HIS missionary heart within yours!  Since September, we have had only one positive month financially (December).  Cash flow, in the midst of Incredible and Eternal Victory…even while “ALL of Heaven celebrates”, has been challenging to say the least.  PRAY with us in HIS heart of; “Whatever it takes…”

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