“I AM with you…”

I love statistics, quotes, and in general just insights into who we are as people. Isaiah 41:10 was the most searched for “Googled” verse in 2018, and what a verse it is. Yet more than that, tells us that humanity is searching, and herein are our Lord’s promises to HIS children who know HIM by name!

“Do NOT fear, for I AM with you.
Do NOT be afraid, for I AM your God.
I will strengthen you, I will help you.
I will uphold you with my Victorious right hand!”

Read that a few times and be filled with HIS Love for us, rather than being filled with what the world dishes out daily. What I love about our Lord’s promises is; that they are NOT limited to this moment, this crisis, this week, month, year. In fact, HIS promises are not limited by anything we are limited by. HIS promises transcend ALL, and thus they are Eternal as HE is Eternal! Just do me a favor this week…Please. This entire verse and thus HIS promises to us hinge on the second line; “…for I AM your God” Take some time and secure that, in Jesus name, to be true in your life, now and forevermore! There are thousands of little gods vying for Lordship over our lives, and they soon, singularly or corporately take over our lives and become the very things we bow down to… Today, take the time with our Lord, giving HIM your heart, soul, mind, and strength…allowing HIM to say those precious words to you “…for I Am your God!”, and EVERYTHING else that HE promises in the most Googled verse of 2018!

HIS servant,


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