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January 14, 2019
Victory is at hand…
February 28, 2019
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…infinitely far more!





“Unto HIM who is able to accomplish 
infinitely far more
than we could ever ask or even image…”

Hey Everyone,

   Though we have been quiet for a week or so, MUCH has been accomplished in Jesus Precious Name!

  • Or Guatemala Aircraft is still being test flown in the US, but everything looks very promising that the 2+year engine issue is now taken care of and the aircraft will soon return to Guate and our Lord’s service!
    • Your prayers we’re felt tremendously….more on that soon!
  • Two Seminary classes were also accomplished, and the Action Plans have shown once again our Lord’s incredible blessing upon our Seminary and Students as hundreds more came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!
  • Construction Teams have been present at the Mission Base for the last month, and an amazing amount of work has been accomplished so that the Mission Teams can be even more efficient and even more can be won unto our Lord!
    • Picture updates soon!
  • The Action Bible Program is moving forward TREMENDOUSLY with the Bibles we received in Jan!
    • Keep the PRAYERS coming as the enemy hates this program, as he does many of our programs that raid his camp and rescue souls in Jesus Name!
  • Water came online for the remaining 1,000 families in El Rodeo, AND this week Wednesday we inaugurate their water purification plant as well!
  • ***TEAM MI, IN, IA, TX (yes from 4 states) arrives today at 3:40pm Eastern time.  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY this group through customs and on to the refugee village of Los Lotes where we’ll stay (building homes and Eternal relationships) until Thursday (Dedication Day), when after a Glorious Victory in Christ Jesus our Lord we’ll return to our Mission Base for Medical Clinic/Outreaches Fri and Sat…with the Team’s Final Devotion Sunday!
    • Expect the family member names to be in your inbox early Thursday!  PRAY the Angels into a Glorious Celebration as ALL (that is our Prayer) come to know HIM as Savior and Lord!
      • PRAY this Team AND our Staff to be…centered in our Lord’s Holy and Perfect will for this, HIS ministry!
        • REMEMBER:  You cannot out-give God!  I dare you to try this week in pouring out of yourself in Prayer, and thus in Victory in Jesus Almighty Name!
HIS servant,


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