Spring/Fall 2021 Mission Team Application

Dear Potential Team Leader or Participant,

As you ponder this amazing call within your heart from our Lord Jesus Christ, we want to welcome you into this experience even now! This calling to bring HIS Love and Salvation to the poor and oppressed in remote villages deep in the heart of Guatemala, and certainly in the heart of our Lord, is an opportunity of Eternal proportions!

Paradise Bound Short-Term Mission Teams have touched over 190,000 lives in the remotest villages of Guatemala over the last 22 years. You and your team will be used by our Lord to touch hundreds of lives for Eternity in Jesus Name! As you Build ETERNAL Relationships, your life will never again be the same! That process starts with HIS word found in John 17:20; “I ask...on behalf of those who will believe in ME” ...Jesus prayed those words to HIS Heavenly Father, and Prayer is where this journey in Christ Jesus our Lord begins!

If this is your first experience with Paradise Bound, you’ll want to take some time to browse our Guatemala Mission Trip page to learn much more than we can share here. Whether you are new or one of the over 8,000 mission team members who have ministered with Paradise Bound, this additional information will help guide you through our Team Application, or our Individual/Family/Small Group Application processes. Additionally, it shares your “Investment in ETERNITY” (the costs involved).

*For all PBM teams awarded a Spring/Fall 2021 Mission Team date, your security deposit and any funds received designated for your Mission Team, will be fully refunded if your mission date is canceled by PBM due to travel restrictions caused by the covid-19 virus outbreak. Non-covid related Mission Team cancelations will not be eligible for a refund. PBM requests that Mission Team Members submit their payments directly to your sending organization. Payments to PBM can then be made by check written by the sending organization.

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Team Application (groups or 10 or more team members)

Prayerfully consider a team date from our list, and then submit the form below.

For more information on deadlines contact Maureen at maureen@paradisebound.org for more information. If there are more requests than available dates, we will pray over the requests, discern our Lord’s will, and Biblically draw lots if led so. Shortly after August 17th, 2020, (or October 1 for Fall dates), we will inform all applicants of the teams and dates our Lord determines.

After the team/date announcement, your team’s non-refundable deposit is required within 10 days to secure your date. Unfortunately, failure to receive your non-refundable deposit with 10 days will forfeit your ministry date to another team. Please do NOT send in your deposit until notified that you have received a ministry date. If your church or group desires a full team of 25+ team members the deposit is $3,000. If 15-25 spots are desired the deposit is $2,000.

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Individual/Family/Small Group Registration (groups of less than 10 team members)
For individuals, couples, families, or groups less than 10, feel free to email us your request to join a team at info@paradisebound.org send your request only to: info@paradisebound.org along with:
  1. Approximate number of team members
  2. Ages
  3. General date(s) you would like to join
  4. Contact information

Once the team dates are awarded to teams over 10, and the team leaders have had the opportunity to fill their teams, we will begin adding others to any available teams at our discretion. Please keep in mind that some teams fill completely and there may not be room for you on a particular team, but we will work with you to place you in a suitable team/date to the best of our ability. Cost per person is the same as listed for the groups over 10.

Spring/Fall 2021 Mission Team Dates Still Available
  • August 9-16
  • October 10-17

Note: (dates are subject to change until tickets are purchased)

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  • Applications due for groups over 10 team members (Spring Dates): Contact Maureen at maureen@paradisebound.org for more information.
  • Applications due for groups over 10 team members (Fall Dates): Contact Maureen at maureen@paradisebound.org for more information.
  • Final count of how many team members (no names needed yet): October 1, 2020 (October team’s numbers due July 2021)
  • Final name list (legal names as on passports, birthdates, & gender): 2 months prior to departure
  • Online Registration of each team member: 2 months prior to departure
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Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule (payments mailed to PBM, PO Box 80, Zeeland, MI 49464 & marked with your team’s mission date)

  • $2,000-$3,000 non-refundable deposit: Within 10 days of awarding your team’s mission date
  • $975/person (less your deposit): 4 months prior to departure
  • Airfare cost: 2 months prior to departure
  • Kingdom Builders (homes), Medical Clinic, & Bible investments (see below): 1 month prior to departure
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Additional Team Expenses (NOT included in the per person investment listed above):

Kingdom Builders:

You and your team will build 10’x12’ homes with a connected 10’x12’ roofed patio. Each team starts, completes, and dedicates metal stud and drywall homes simultaneously for our growing list of widows and the severely oppressed living in cornstalk, mud or tin huts. These homes forever change the lives of these precious families, often for Eternity! The third day, as we present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, many entire families give their lives to the One who gave His life for them! It is a time of tears and rejoicing as so many come to Eternal Life and our Lord prepares their mansion in Glory. The construction is easily accomplished by anyone: young, elderly, or those without any construction experience. Teams should build one home per every 4-6 team members.

Each home is an investment of only $1,475 and takes 3 days to construct, but is not included in the cost per person, as most teams raise these funds as a team. The homes are one of the easiest fundraising opportunities as many friends, families, and business owners give readily toward providing an impoverished family with a home for only $1,475. The investment per home is our cost for materials only, with no markup or profit. It includes the Home, a BED, a lifetime WATER FILTER, and most important…the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Mobile Medical Clinics:

Antibiotics, multivitamins, pain relievers, worming/parasite pills, and much, much more are utilized in your team’s clinic/outreaches. This alone saves lives physically as villagers come from long distances to be attended to in our clinics/outreaches, thus giving us the opportunity to share the Gospel! You will not believe how much medicine is prescribed until you experience a clinic with us! While $3,000 is our cost of the medicine purchased through medical missionary organizations, the actual cost if purchased at pharmacies exceeds $25,000 per team. 3s a team, your investment for the Medical Clinics is $3,000 (total of 2 clinics).

Bible Distribution Expense:

$500 provides a New Testament for each family we come in contact with during your team’s outreaches.

Individual Costs NOT Covered:

Meals on your travel days, to and from Guatemala are at your expense as are any souvenirs you choose to purchase. Also, Passport and immunization fees are not covered by PBM.

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Doubts? Don’t Let Them Affect You or Someone Else’s Eternity!

Initially, the thought of raising the funds may be overwhelming. However, as you are called by our Lord to labor alongside us, then He WILL provide! Yes, you will still have to work at it, as that is your responsibility, but our Lord will provide! This is a walk of true faith for many, but we have never had a team not make their goals! Many teams raise far above the amount that is needed and have a blast at it! Ultimately, this is an Eternal Investment in souls with our Lord Jesus Christ. We have hundreds of individuals who thought it impossible to go, but now have grown tremendously in faith because they did what our Lord asks of all of us: PRAY in faith…believing!!! In closing, if you have any questions please email maureen@paradisebound.org or call 616-928-5610.

Remember that the deadline for Team Applications is: August 17, 2020 and that applying does not guarantee your team a ministry date. Additionally, even if you cannot partake in one of our Lord’s incredible harvest of souls for the Spring/Fall of 2021, PRAY with us that our Lord sends forth laborers into HIS fields “white unto harvest!”

“PRAYER does not equip us for the greater work, it Is the greater work!”

HIS servants,
Dan & Heidi Smith

ps: We are seeking U.S. churches to “adopt” church plant/builds in remote villages in 2021. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email info@paradisebound.org to express your interest! We’ll then send you the additional info regarding that Eternal Investment in our Lord’s Kingdom!

Pps: Paradise Bound can only achieve its Eternal goals with the blessing of generous gifts from people like you. Without these gifts, helping those in the “uttermost” would not be possible. Since Paradise Bound relies on the generosity of individuals, please consider helping as our Lord leads.

Thank you!