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September 15, 2017
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Montañas Azules Story

Imagine with me living as a refugee family, blessed with land from the Government to start a new life, but with no infrastructure.  Out of desperation and the deep desire to better your children’s lives, you accept this “opportunity”, but you did not fully understand the difficulties of carving a life out of the wilderness…especially this remote.

You arrive with a machete, a hoe, some rusty nails, some seed saved from the previous year’s harvest, and hope.  Money has been gone for some time as it took everything you had to move your family from the highlands to this new place. The work of clearing land, just to grow crops to sustain your family, is daunting and consumes you…for if you are not ready in time, you’ll miss the rainy season and another year will pass.  You nor your children will survive if that happens.  There is nothing to fall back on.  The task consumes you, and in the unrelenting heat you need a tremendous amount of water.  You filter the river water through a clothe as the generation before you did, but with passing days you feel weaker and weaker.  You count it to age and the desperation to plant your crops in time, but others in the village fall prey to the same…including your children.  Then the fevers hit…    

This is the story of just one family living in the village of Montanas Azules (Blue Mountains), but they are not alone.  This is a village of over 100 families with their only water source being a contaminated “gray water” river…until now!  We took a risk this summer out of our own desperation for these precious families and installed a $6,500 water filtration system without having the funds dedicated for it.

I do not believe that a single one of us living in the U.S. could ever begin to understand the plight of being forced to drink contaminated water because no other source is available.  Even in our best/worst imaginations, we cannot.  The ramifications are far more profound than just having no choice but to drink contaminated water.  It is truly life and death and it is happening in most of the refugee villages that we work in.  Life giving water is certainly a call within our hearts and in our Lord’s heart as you read the old and new testaments detailing the journeys of our Lord’s chosen and how HE provided.  You can help us provide, not only life giving water within these refugee villages, but through water filtration projects also share the Life Giving Water found within the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Clean water is a daily crisis for more than 2 billion people in this world.
840,000 die each year as a result of unsafe drinking water.
Of them 360,000 are children…

Don’t allow these precious ones to be just a number.  Every one of those 2 billion plus people has a name and a family.  A family that loves them…more that our Lord Loves them and longs to spend Eternity with each one…for HE knows them by name!  They are NOT a number to HIM.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to ME and drink.
Whoever believes in ME…rivers of living water will flow from within them.”
John 7:37 & 38

As believers in and followers of Jesus Christ, we have a responsibility to heed HIS example; taking care of the physical and spiritual needs of “…the least of these.”   Join with us in first providing the funds to cover the cost of the Life Giving Water within Montañas Azules ($6,500) and then help us install 5 more systems in 2017 in the awaiting villages…  Water is life, and can be Life Eternal through our Lord Jesus Christ as we together share Salvation through the physical and spiritual needs of HIS people.

If you would like to donate to this project:

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