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June 1, 2019
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June 6, 2019
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Never to forget…



1 year and thousands of lives later…

   One year ago today the panicked phone calls were coming in right about now.  Phone calls from villagers we knew…most utterly sobbing and thus difficult to discern what they were trying to tell us.  To tell us of villages buried.  Of family members missing..  The volcano still rumbling.  This, coupled with pictures and videos being uploaded to the internet, gave “Whatever it takes…” a new and urgent calling.  One that would change my (dan) life, and the lives of thousands forever.


   A pouring out of love came in from all over the world, especially the PBM and JOY99 supporters!  Through your Love and Prayers, though thousands were lost, even more were ministered to.  What happened within a few weeks after June 3rd was what we were not ready for; Most large relief agencies soon pulled out and moved on to other disasters happening around the world.  We, and a few previously established Guatemalan ministries remained…each one of us overwhelmed, yet our Lord was not.   New ministry opportunities emerged, and our PBM Church at La Reyna soon began leading a coalition of 12 churches serving those deeply hurting that remained.  

   Thirst, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, drew the ministries, the churches, the victims, and many of you together in Jesus Precious Name.  Quenching that thirst in EVERY way became our focus.  With your Prayers and support, we worked feverishly to accomplish just that.  For some families; the Cold, Clean, Clear, Crisp Water is what they longed for most…yet it was through that thirst that we were able to lead so many to the only One to truly quench their thirst for all of Eternity!

   Through your Prayers, we were able to establish flowing water into each village, some 1,500 families!  3 water purification systems (pictured above) were installed in the 3 villages most impacted.  Lives were saved…many Everlastingly!  

    As we ponder one year ago today, I nor PBM have yet recovered…but what of me, or even of PBM and our “Whatever it takes…taking absolutely everything we had?”  Pray with me this day as so many who live below the massive Volcano Fuego are still grieving…especially today on the anniversary of such a horrific event.  Yet they have no where to go.  As said by a dear friend we built a PBM home for a few years ago on the skirt of the volcano; “All we have is here…”  Ponder that deeply…how blessed we are.

   Our work is far from over, and our focus continues to be the full Gospel of Christ Jesus our Lord!  We continue to covet your Prayers as we follow our Lord’s heart within ours, seeking always to do “Whatever it takes…bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying…”

HIS servant,



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