A Rare Delight!

Prayer…a rare delight that is ALWAYS revealing some new beauty!  My friends, EM Bound’s words above have captured these last 27 days rediscovering Prayer in my heart and thus in my life!  A privilege to be enjoyed”, not some duty we must or should perform.  Thus by Praying, we have absolutely NOTHING to lose (not even time) and EVERYTHING to gain!

There is an old song that goes; “It’s more like falling in Love than something to believe in…”  When we are IN LOVE with our Lord Jesus Christ, would we not do anything to get time with HIM?  Even more TIME with HIM???  I’ll admit, I was in love…but in these last 27 days, I’ve “fallen head over heels IN LOVE” with my Lord once again…it just took time (seeking) and our Lord promises that “when we seek HIM we WILL find HIM!”  NOTHING to lose, EVERYTHING to gain!

I’ll leave you with this tonight…an old saying that must be renewed within our hearts for our Lord every day…as we have just 3 days left to discern HIS will for PBM.  Are you IN LOVE with our Christ Jesus our Lord?

LOVE is spelled T I M E


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