"I ask on behalf of those... who WILL believe in ME through their word." - Christ's prayer in John 17:20


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An Investment in Eternity!

Mission Trips

Paradise Landing’s 8-day mission experience is an intricate part of our Discipleship, Village Wellness/Water, Action Bible (VBS), and Church Plants! Your team will propel us into even greater harvest for the Master than we have already experienced.

Paradise Landing Teams will spend their week focused on building Eternal relationships within a remote village in Guatemala.

This program is all-inclusive. The goal is to meet physical, emotional, spiritual, and Eternal needs within these communities.


  • Teams will lead an exciting 5-day VBS program that will engage the children with scripture and teach them about the love of their Savior through drama, worship, crafts, and interactive games. Children will be sent home with materials to share what they have learned about Jesus with their families! Materials used for VBS follow the Action Bible curriculum.
  • Teams will participate in a medical clinic that will provide physical exams and much-needed medication that these families who do not access to health care.
  • Teams will complete the installation of a village-wide water filtration system that will provide the entire community with clean water and improve the health of these families for years to come.