Paradise Landing

Sending thousands to “proclaim HIM” unto the multitudes of those who “have not yet heard” has been and is Paradise Bound. Nearly 8,000 Mission Team members have participated in incredible harvests, but that is only the beginning. The opportunity before us exponentially increases the number of “laborers” we can send forth, and thus the Eternal harvest.

Two years of prayer and discernment has been invested into Paradise Landing, culminating in 30 Days of Prayer by our Board of Directors and thousands of supporters (visit Discernment was unanimous. The future site of Paradise Landing is a profitable Coffee Plantation, Corporate Retreat Center, and Airstrip nestled on 237 acres. This allows for the expansion of existing outreaches, and the development of new ones, while at the same time building financial sustainability into Paradise Bound.

Mission Teams sent forth from Paradise Landing will specifically minister alongside our many Church Plants, The Action Bible Program, and Open Doors Orphanage. These additional Mission Teams hold true to our Lord’s heart of urgently reaching the lost “unto the uttermost places.” Camp Paradise will offer impoverished children an opportunity to ultimately experience “Paradise” with our Lord as they come to know HIM as Savior, and thus complement our call “unto the least of these.”

Paradise Bound’s Seminary is at capacity with 300 students, but our goal, imagine with us, is 1,000 students seeking to be Shepherds and being sent forth into HIS “fields white unto harvest.”

Airstrip development into a Private Airport will enhance our existing Aviation Ministry and it will provide financial sustainability through; Hangar Rental, Fuel Sales, Maintenance, Corporate Retreats, and through future Executive Home Sales with Hangars.

Three-Phase Development Plan

Paradise Landing

1. Mission Base development is the highest priority as the harvest of souls will be the immediate “Investment in Eternity.” Three to four Mission Teams will be scheduled for the first year, increasing to 20/year as the programming matures. With plans to further develop the existing Retreat Center, with expansion into new, further reaching ministries, including Christian Retreats and Seminary Classes.

2. Camp Paradise will in itself be internally phased, with its beginnings in the existing Retreat Center and then future development of a stand-alone Children’s Camp.

3. Executive Airport development will take place as the revenues of the above phases are realized. Though the Executive Airport shows great potential for financial sustainability, HIS fields “white unto harvest” remain our highest priority. If you have specific interest in helping Paradise Bound develop the Executive Airport and thus reach financial sustainability sooner, please contact us. The existing airstrip is sufficient (for a few years) for our current Aviation Ministry.


Your investment in Eternity!

The investment and return above shares our heart for creating financial sustainability within Paradise Bound’s outreaches. As good as that is, there is “something far greater”… something Eternal! The value our Lord places upon even one soul has no measure, as the Shepard will “leave the 99 in the pasture, to search for the one that is lost until HE finds it…” and when HE does, “all of Heaven celebrates…” Salvation has been given us in Jesus’ name, but HIS Great Commission also compels us to share that same Salvation “…unto the uttermost places on earth!” Pray with us and join us in not only creating financial sustainability but even more importantly, entering HIS “fields white unto harvest” through Paradise Landing.