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Mission Teams

The Paradise Landing VBS teams will significantly increase the Eternal impact in the remotest of villages!

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Retreat Center

Will provide a spiritual retreat setting for US and Guatemalan organizations!

PBM Bible Institute

PBM Bible Institute

Paradise Landing will provide additional classrooms, greatly multiplying the number of Church Leaders graduating each year!

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Camp Paradise

Will provide impoverished children with a Christian Camp experience!

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The Action Bible Program

Paradise Landing will provide additional space for Workshops and a larger inventory of Bibles!

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Will propel PBM to be ever more efficient in reaching the lost in Jesus name!

Paradise Bound has become synonymous with Mission Teams. Since 1997, more than 8,000 team members have joined our calling to; Build ETERNAL Relationships! PBM shares our Lord’s heart for the lost through all of our outreaches, and HE works through PBM to reach thousands of souls with the Gift of Salvation each month. Our Prayer and plans for Paradise Landing are no different! In fact, it will propel us into even greater harvests for the Master than we’ve ever experienced as HE always accomplishes “infinitely far more than we can ever ask or even imagine!”

Much Prayer and Faith have preceded the discernment of our Lord’s calling to Paradise Landing. As you page through our digital brochure, we invite you to join us in Prayer and to walk in Faith alongside our Lord and Savior as HE leads into “HIS fields white unto harvest!”


The Forever Changed Devotional messages were written to encourage and inspire PBM’s Board of Directors and thousands of our supporters as they walked through the 30 days of Prayer highlighted in the video above.  We hope they inspire you as you embark on your own life changing Prayer journey.

Exalted among the nations…

Dear Intercessors, Exalted our Lord is among the nations and through your Prayers for PBM over this last 30 days.  Our Board Mtg tonight was not...

Discernment Day…

Dear Friends, 30 days and tens of thousands of Amazing and Incredible prayers being offered to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ have NOT gone...

Certainty in our Uncertainty!

 Living our "Whatever it takes..." mission life in Guatemala has brought Heb 11:1 so dear to our hearts.  Without Faith, "Whatever it...

Without Ceasing…

With Prayer (unceasingly) at the very heart of everything we do and are, rejoicing always and giving thanks in all circumstances is

A Rare Delight!

Prayer...a rare delight that is ALWAYS revealing some new beauty!  My friends, EM Bound's words above have captured these last 27 days rediscovering...

Hands, & Feet, & Wings

Intercessors, I hesitate to ask you anything more besides please accept the following as yet another invitation to Pray, Discern, and...

Paradise Bound Spec Home x 2!

 In 2020 Paradise Bound broke ground to build a spec home to raise funding for Paradise Landing (featured above).  An incredible team comprised of more than 60 businesses and individuals, partnered together to complete this huge project.  Their willingness to steward their unique God-given talents and skills, donations of building materials, and generous gifts resulted in an unbelievable profit of $200,000!  We were utterly in awe of God’s faithfulness as the sale of this home, made up 17% of the down payment of the Paradise Landing.  

   Paradise Bound is gearing up once again to break ground this Spring, blessed this time with not one, but two lots in West Michigan.  One near Bentheim and the other in Hudsonville.  Thus, providing the opportunity to raise twice the funding and help finalize the purchase of Paradise Landing by the end of 2022!  

   We have three gifted contractors, all with huge hearts for PBM, ready to lead these two builds, but they will need many willing hands, donated materials, and 0% construction loans to achieve our goals.  Our Lord is in need of; concrete walls, carpenters/framers, 1 septic system, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, drywallers, painters, landscapers, and some unskilled laborers as well….who are willing to donate their time and/or resources (including those 0% loans).  If you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you…because HE is, please email us at

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Pray and follow our Lord’s heart within yours for the lost HE calls us all too. Pray for the funding, the staff, and the programming to all come together in HIS perfect timing!

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