Building ETERNAL Relationships

PBM Spec Home

Building ETERNAL Relationships (ponder that thought) is the heart of our Lord within PBM! Alan from Alan Jurgens Builder and Dustin Carpenter of Falcon Custom Homes are taking that to heart!

PBM’s 2020 Spec (Vision) Home is underway* at 4166 Spring Hill Dr, Hudsonville, led by Alan and Dustin! Join us in Prayer, not only for the Spec Home construction (every person involved), but the needed sale of the home, and the profits that will help purchase Paradise Landing and thus Build [even more] ETERNAL Relationships!

*No Daily Bread or PBM funding is utilized for building the Spec Home. Alan, (through his contacts), secured 0% construction loans that will be repaid upon the sale of the home…thus maintaining PBM’s 100% Covenant Promise to you and our Lord.

Behind the Construction Companies

When we steward our talents well, we honor our Heavenly Father and thus bless others with Eternal Life in Jesus Christ. How is God calling you to steward your talents and to help PBM Build ETERNAL Relationships? Ideas (callings) big and small are always welcome!

Alan’s first Mission Team with PBM was in 2004. Upon return, touched by our Lord, he almost immediately ventured out on building the first PBM Spec Home. A great success! Through Alan’s invite, Dustin (Falcon Custom Homes) joined a Mission Team in Guatemala a decade later. The two of them then partnered on PBM’s second Spec Home in 2015, the profits underwriting nearly half of our launch into PBM’s Aviation Outreach!

Keep Track of the Progress