Team Member Testimonies

   In February, I had the privilege of traveling with the Fearless Family’s first official team to Guatemala.  I hoped to learn more about PBM’s ministry and expand my world view.  The PBM team functions like a well-oiled machine, intentionally fostering the trip participants’ spiritual development and the beautiful people we served in the villages we visited; Cambalcol and San Ramon.

   Every day, I was filled with God’s presence in the beauty of His creation that we were surrounded by; lush greenery, streams, volcanos, and more, all set in the middle of majestic mountains.  I still have much to learn about the culture and life in Guatemala, but one thing was apparent; the villagers value relationships.  They worked together to welcome our team by providing beautiful decorations and a delicious lunch to refresh us after a morning of work. 

   I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider traveling with and supporting Paradise Bound Ministries.  

Mary Jo – Fearless Family of Churches

Church Planting

   We were very excited to hear that our Paradise Bound mission team was returning to the same village we were blessed to visit two years ago.  During this most recent trip, it was evident to see the investment that PBM puts into each village they work with.  It was a joy to see the changes within Los Lotes, more new homes, more community, and hope within the people there.  Having the opportunity to reconnect with the same family we built a house for on a previous trip was priceless.  

   We enjoy working with Paradise Bound.  They invest time in building relationships within the villages and preparing the mission teams to be a part of God’s will in the lives of the villagers they come to serve.  

Amy & Breanna – Hudsonville Reformed Church


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