The Power of a Question

“If you have never confronted the problem of sin before, if you are not sure that you are a child of God, then I invite you to pause and take care of the matter before moving to the next chapter.  Do not allow the enemy to blind you nor to keep you captive for any more time.  Your eternal destiny is at risk.” – Nancy Demoss (Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free)

   Reading those words hit me hard with conviction and determination. After a few months of pouring into the nannies at Open Doors Orphanage through our Bible Study, I still didn’t know if they were all saved. We had already covered various spiritual topics about knowing God and growing in our spiritual lives. We had so many conversations, either ending in tears or laughter. Yet, after all this, I wasn’t entirely sure where they all stood on their personal salvation. It was now time to change that. It was time to have the most important conversation we may ever have, no matter the cost.

   In preparation for what was coming, I knew Prayer was the key. So, on my knees, I Prayed. “Lord, bring your conviction to the hearts of all the ladies who have not put their faith in you. Prepare their hearts to accept your invitation when the time is right.”  This Prayer was then repeated regularly in the days leading up to our next study. All that could be done now was to see how God would choose to show up and work.

   When that next week finally rolled around, I greeted my fellow PBM missionaries and started to get ready for our Monday morning devotions. That’s when one of our nurses asked, “Did you hear that one of the nannies decided to accept Christ yesterday? We had been Praying for her for so long.   Yesterday, she was finally ready.”  I could barely contain my excitement! God was already showing up, and I knew HE wasn’t done yet. 

   That afternoon as our Bible Study concluded, I asked the ladies one by one to meet me outside for a time of private Prayer and to answer an important question, “Are you without a doubt sure that you are a child of God?”  The conversations that followed were so sincere and emotionally charged that one Bible Study was simply not enough time.

   Over the next few weeks, the conversations and questioning continued. What God chose to do during those times was truly incredible. Two more ladies decided to rededicate their lives to Christ and now have the assurance that they are children of God. Others are working to remove painful obstacles from their lives that have blocked further progress in their spiritual growth. Others have learned for the first time that sin does not separate them from the love of God. Others are receiving encouragement from the pages of scripture as they make daily Bible reading a new habit.    I am so grateful for the ways in which I see the Holy Spirit working in all of their lives. God’s desire is do that same good work in all of us. However, HE cannot work in someone unless HE is first invited into that person’s life. That is when transformation becomes possible. So, I ask you the same, “Are you without a doubt sure that you are a child of God?”  Before doing anything else, take care of this matter before God Almighty. The trajectory of your life and your Eternal destiny all hang upon this answer.


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