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June 15, 2019
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June 19, 2019
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“unto the uttermost”…Help!



Crying out to her Lord…

   The tears stream down precious Cindi’s face as she cries out for help and gives her heart to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Cindi cries/prays in desperation for healing and to break the chains of poverty that have stricken her family.  Her life hangs in the balance, yet Cindi is but one of hundreds each month that you help us reach with the Gospel, and thus change Eternity in Jesus name!  She IS one of those Heaven celebrates, and they are poised for so many more!

   The last few months have been major harvests in our Lord Jesus Christ!  So much of this comes through your Prayers and certainly your support…“Investment in Eternity!”  Baptisms, Graduations, New Church Plants, PBM Bible Institute, The Action Bible Program…ALL focused on our Lord’s calling to reach the lost “unto the uttermost!”

   We plead for your Prayers now as the Summer months are upon us and giving is historically very low for PBM during June, July, and August.  Help us reach those our Lord has called us ALL too…the very ones HE longs to hold for all Eternity!  “The harvest is plentiful…”  
“I ask…on behalf of
those who WILL believe in ME through their words…”
Jesus’ words in John 17!

HIS servant,
ps:  Yesterday was a very difficult day at PBM as we reviewed our current funds against our known expenses for this month and next.  The outlook (without your Prayers) is bleak for PBM and thus thousands like Cindi who well may not be reached.  This shatters my heart, and thus compels me to plead for your Prayers that much more, and the miracle they will bring in Jesus Precious Name to help us reach more throughout the difficult Summer months…  Your gifts, in Jesus name are truly “An Investment in Eternity!”   Please Pray, and follow HIS missionary heart within yours…


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