Effectively Disarmed

My Friends, this 30 days of Prayer and fasting for and with PBM is truly rocking my world!  The answers to Prayers, uttered by myself and others who’ve shared this journey, have escalated tremendously over this last 25 days.  I thought “I knew a lot about prayer”, (after all PBM was/is built upon prayer) but I am now learning to Pray in a whole new way…and with a whole new outlook.

The enemy IS defeated, but “…when we are too busy doing things to pray”, we just handed the enemy the victory he desperately lusts for within our lives AND the lives of those we love AND those we are called to.  No wonder his deceitful ways fill our lives with things that really do not matter in Light of Eternity.  Many have heard me share of the 98% 2% lifestyle (we Christians spending 98% of our time, energy, and resources on things that do not last, and only a mere 2% of our time, energy, and resources on the Eternal).  Are you “too busy” to pray?  I have been before this journey…but these 25 days dedicated to Prayer is changing my life and thus this, HIS ministry that our Lord has entrusted us ALL with.

VICTORY is ours…unless we are too busy to PRAY!

I am tired of living life “effectively disarmed”.  There are 5 days remaining…5 days leading us into PRAYER and thus into the DISCERNMENT (not decision) our LORD has for/with PBM!  Without Prayer, we are “effectively disarmed”…that is NOT “Life abundant and free” promised us by our VICTORIOUS LORD…

HIS servant,


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