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Open Doors Orphanage continues to provide a haven for more than 20 vulnerable young children. Our committed team of caregivers meets the children’s physical, emotional, and psychological needs. Even more importantly, they are shown the love of Jesus and have an opportunity to learn about Him during their stay.

This year we are asking our supporters for a one-time gift in April. Together, we can pool our financial support and cover the annual budget for Open Doors. We know this is an ambitious goal – $207,000 – but we serve a big God and remain focused on seeking Him, even with our financial needs.




Family Ministry Pastor
Ridge Point Community Church

“I had the privilege of leading a group of our high schoolers to Guatemala with Paradise Bound Ministries, and it was an incredible experience. First, as a youth pastor, this was the best run mission trip I’ve ever been on. The staff had everything planned out, and I was able to go and fully experience the trip with my students without having to worry about the details. I was able to engage our students in a whole new way because I had more time to invest in them that I don’t normally have when on a trip. We also were given a wide variety of tasks throughout the week so our team was constantly engaged and trying new things.”


Green Lake Calvary Church

“Over the years, I have had the privilege of serving on a number of Christian music tours, church camp outings, and international mission trips. Each event had its own focus. But my week with Paradise Bound was different than all others on several levels. During our time in Guatemala, we built five homes in 2 days and dispersed food and medical supplies to over 200 families. The team spent hours engaging local children in games and sports, singing bible school songs with motions, and ministering to entire villages through skits and preaching. All of these efforts and gifts were given with a single focus in mind, reaching Guatemalans with the Gospel for salvation.”


Team Fellowship / Coopersville Reformed

“God impacted me throughout the trip by providing healing in my heart for the passing of my mother. I was also impacted by the children through God. Seeing their smiles blessed me so much. God is so much bigger than any expectation you can have about this trip. Through serving others, it’s amazing how much you grow and how much you are filled with God’s love.”

We live in a broken, busy world. PBM is a leader in providing opportunity to

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Mission Teams in Guatemala
Mission Teams

Mission Teams

Paradise Bound provides well-planned and executed mission opportunities that allow team members to encounter Jesus like never before!

Action Bible Project
Action Bible icon

Action Bible Project

The Action Bible, and its curriculum, is an approved textbook in the Guatemala public school system. On average, 3,000-4,000 children are reached each month with their very own Action Bible.

Open Doors Orphanage
Open Doors Orphanage icon

Open Doors Orphanage

Open Doors Orphanage is nestled within PBM’s mission base where our staff goes above and beyond to ensure that any child who comes through our doors is loved, valued, and gets the care they deserve.

Village Impact
Village Impact


The initial impact of PBM’s mission teams is incredible. Yet, it is the one-on-one discipleship that further deepens the faith of these new believers.

Village Wellness
Village Wellness Icon

Village Wellness

Following Jesus’s example of his earthly ministry, we meet physical needs of individuals by providing clean water, medical care, and food. Meeting these needs with love and compassion creates opportunity to introduce them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bible Institute
Bible Institute Icon

PBM Bible Institute

The PBM Bible Institute exists to equip church leaders for Gospel outreach, building upon the foundation of their faith, and a thriving relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Church Planting
Church Planting

Church Planting

Church Planting and Village Adoption are the culmination of PBM's strategic outreaches. Each subsequent outreach builds upon the relationships formed in the previous, until a church is born and brought to maturity!

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