Building ETERNAL Relationships


Green Lake Calvary Church had 40 people willing to take the step of faith and join God in His Work of building relationships for eternity in Guatemala.  Most of the team had never gone on a mission trip, but we were willing to go whenever and wherever He wanted.  God’s timing was incredible!

In February, I had the privilege of traveling with the Fearless Family’s first official team to Guatemala.  I hoped to learn more about PBM’s ministry and expand my world view.  The PBM team functions like a well-oiled machine, intentionally fostering the trip participants’ spiritual development and the beautiful people we served in the villages we visited; Cambalcol and San Ramon.

 We were very excited to hear that our Paradise Bound mission team was returning to the same village we were blessed to visit two years ago.  During this most recent trip, it was evident to see the investment that PBM puts into each village they work with.


Two years of prayer and discernment has been invested into Paradise Landing, culminating in 30 Days of Prayer by our Board of Directors and thousands of supporters. Discernment was unanimous! Follow the whole journey here.


Check out our Fall 2021 Newsletter for exciting news on PBM’s many outreaches including; Open Doors Orphanage, the Action Bible Program, Church Planting / Village Adoption and so much more! This edition features an update on Paradise Landing and celebrates a year of Eternal Impact through the our Daily Bread!

Building ETERNAL Relationships
Mission Teams in Guatemala
Mission Teams

Mission Teams

Since 1997, Mission Teams have been an intricate part of PBM's outreach. They are the initial and often Eternal impact in the many isolated villages we encounter. We now offer three uniquely different Mission Experiences where you will witness our Lord working in and through you as HE saves lives physically and Eternally!

Action Bible Project
Action Bible icon

Action Bible Project

The Action Bible, and its curriculum, is an approved textbook in the Guatemala public school system. Between 5,000 and 6,000 children are reached each month with their very own Action Bible!

Open Doors Orphanage
Open Doors Orphanage icon

Open Doors Orphanage

Open Doors is nestled within PBM's Mission Base where we passionately seek our Lord HIMself and the lost that HE has called us all to! Building ETERNAL Relationships with our precious children will change your life forever, as you change theirs!

Village Impact
Village Impact


The  initial and Eternal impact of the Mission Teams is incredible. Yet it is  the one on one Discipleship that further deepens the faith of these new believers and matures them into Christ followers!

Village Wellness
Village Wellness Icon

Village Wellness

Following Jesus's example of HIS earthly ministry, we meet urgent physical needs of individuals by providing clean water, medical care, and food.  Meeting these basic needs with love and compassion opens the door to introduce them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invite them into a personal relationship with their Savior!

Bible Institute
Bible Institute Icon

PBM Bible Institute

The PBM Bible Institute exists to equip church leaders for Gospel outreach, building upon the foundation of their faith, and a thriving relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

PBM aviation
Missions and Aviation


If your passion is aviation, and/ or rescuing souls in Jesus name, welcome aboard! Pray with us, and follow HIS missionary heart within yours, as the urgency of the Gospel of Jesus Christ propels us to be ever more efficent in reaching the lost and isolated that our Lord gave HIS life for, and longs to hold for Eternity!

Church Planting
Church Planting

Church Planting

Church Planting and Village Adoption are the culmination of PBM's strategic outreaches. Each subsequent outreach builds upon the Eternal relationships formed in the previous, until a church is born and brought to maturity!

Paradise Landing Outreach
Partnering with PBM

Paradise Landing

Our newest Outreach  will gather greater harvests for the Master than we have ever experienced!  Paradise Landing  will exponentially expand nearly all of PBM's Outreaches including Mission Teams, PBM's Bible Institute, The Action Bible Program, and Aviation.  This perfectly situated, beautiful piece of Paradise will also serve as a Retreat Center, and is the future home of Camp Paradise!

Action Bible Program


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