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The Paradise Bound Project

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Our Dream is...

Sustenance farming for Open Doors Orphanage, to provide much needed food resources for the children of Open Doors.

A well to provide pure and sufficient water for our mission base and Orphanage.

Expansion for Open Doors and greater impact within the surrounding villages by providing a worship center for the children within Open Doors and the families living in the surrounding villages. We aim to train local leaders in our Lord to answer His call among their own people... Guatemalans reaching Guatemalans!

A Christian school, not only for Open Doors children, but also for the children living in the area.

A technical training center providing job training to the children of Open Doors and the young people living in the surrounding villages: carpentry, welding, farming, auto mechanics, baking and cosmetology are useful skills.

Expansion for Paradise Bound and its many current programs, including:

  • Church Planting
  • Critical/Long Term Patient Program
  • Discipleship
  • Evangelism
  • Kingdom Building
  • Medical Clinics
  • Mission Teams
  • Pastor/Leader Training
  • Patient and Child Sponsorship
  • Aviation Ministry

A Christian hospital and surgical center. Ponder for a moment: Medical/surgical teams coming to Guatemala to care for hundreds of patients over the course of a week. In our ten year vision, we dream of a small hospital and surgical center where short-term teams of medical professionals from the U.S. and other countries can attend to our growing list of critical patients discovered in the remote villages during our mobile medical clinic outreaches.

With so many medical professionals in the U.S. with a deep longing to serve our Lord in this capacity and the needs of our patients so vast, it is only a matter of time before the two collide in our Lord’s sovereignty and this vision becomes a reality!

Unfortunately, we do not have property to make these dreams a reality. No land to farm, no well, no worship center, Christian school, technical school, or hospital and surgical center. Yet our Hope is in the Lord, creator of Heaven and earth...the God of the impossible! Paradise Bound began in the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ for His precious people of Guatemala, was then captured by Dan and Heidi Smith in 1995 and has now taken root in thousands of team members, as well as prayer and financial supporters who have already helped us reach 100,000 people. And we do not believe our Lord will stop at that. The property around us is vast, and through our Lord’s providence a small portion of it is currently for sale. Pray with us as we seek to Glorify the name of our Almighty Lord and Savior. In Him all things are possible as we seek to be His hands, feet, and heart among those lost and dying... It takes many to continue our Lord’s work through Paradise Bound:
  • Praying, not only to meet the physical needs surrounding us, but even more that our Lord would continue to use Paradise Bound to harvest souls unto Himself.
  • Participating in a mission trip to change lives for eternity...maybe even yours.
  • Partnering with us financially, as doing 'whatever it takes' has a high price.
We celebrate the many thousands of souls already won for the Master through your prayers, support, and Love of Jesus Christ. For without Him we can do nothing, but even as we celebrate each soul there are so many more crying out. Our work is far from over, for the cries are still heard—including one cry above them all: that of our Lord.
There are 150 million children living on the streets in the world today, 10,000 in Guatemala alone. A child on Guatemalan streets has a four-year life expectancy. Around the world over 11 million children under 5 will die this year due to preventable diseases, and 250,000 children will become permanently blind this year alone. All for lack of a ten cent vitamin or a daily handful of green vegetables. 35,000 children under 4 will die today due to hunger or hunger related diseases. Three billion people have never even heard the name of Jesus Christ, 3.2 million of them dying each year without salvation. That's 89,280 per day, or 3,720 per hour, or 62 per minute. One every second. In the words of the prophet Isaiah, “Whom shall I send and who will go for Me?” Where do you begin in a world of need? You begin in your heart!
To hear more about or become a part of the vision of Paradise Bound, please contact us. To find out how to form a mission team of your own, head over to our Teams page. But don't worry, even if you're unable to attend a trip, there are many ways to get involved: Pray, Donate to send someone in your place, provide Medical Supplies or meet other Needs.