Paradise Bound Mission Team Application Information

Dear Potential Team Leader or Participant,

Paradise Bound Short-Term Mission Teams have touched over 200,000 lives in the remotest villages of Guatemala over the last 20+ years. Our Lord will use you and your team to touch hundreds of lives for Eternity in Jesus Name! As you Build ETERNAL Relationships, your life will never again be the same! That process starts with HIS word found in John 17:20; “I ask...on behalf of those who will believe in ME” ...Jesus prayed those words to HIS Heavenly Father, and Prayer is where this journey in Christ Jesus our Lord begins!

If this is your first experience with Paradise Bound, you’ll want to take some time to browse our Guatemala Mission Trip page to learn much more than we can share here. Whether you are new or one of the over 8,000 mission team members who have ministered with Paradise Bound, this additional information will help guide you through our Team Application or our Individual/Small Group Application processes.

*For all PBM teams awarded a Summer/Fall 2022 Mission date: Payments designated for your Mission Team will be refunded or applied to a future mission date if PBM cancels your trip due to travel restrictions caused by the covid-19 virus outbreak. Non-covid related Mission Team cancellations will not be eligible for a refund.

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Click Below to Download the Mission Team Information PDF

Click Below to Download the Mission Team Information PDF

Doubts? Don’t Let Them Affect You or Someone Else’s Eternity!

Initially, the thought of raising the funds may be overwhelming. However, as you are called by our Lord to labor alongside us, then He WILL provide! Yes, you will still have to work at it, as that is your responsibility, but our Lord will provide! This is a walk of true faith for many, but we have never had a team not make their goals! Many teams raise far above the amount that is needed and have a blast at it! Ultimately, this is an Eternal Investment in souls with our Lord Jesus Christ. We have hundreds of individuals who thought it impossible to go, but now have grown tremendously in faith because they did what our Lord asks of all of us: PRAY in faith…believing!!! In closing, if you have any questions please email or call 616-928-5610.

Remember that the deadline for Standard Mission Team Applications is: October 15, 2021 and Paradise Landing VBS Mission Team Applications is: November 10, 2021 that applying does not guarantee your team a ministry date. Additionally, even if you cannot partake in one of our Lord’s incredible harvest of souls for 2022, PRAY with us that our Lord sends forth laborers into HIS fields “white unto harvest!”

“PRAYER does not equip us for the greater work, it Is the greater work!”

HIS servants,
Dan & Heidi Smith

ps: We are seeking U.S. churches to “adopt” church plant/builds in remote villages in 2022. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email to express your interest! We’ll then send you the additional info regarding that Eternal Investment in our Lord’s Kingdom!

Pps: Paradise Bound can only achieve its Eternal goals with the blessing of generous gifts from people like you. Without these gifts, helping those in the “uttermost” would not be possible. Since Paradise Bound relies on the generosity of individuals, please consider helping as our Lord leads.

Thank you!