Victory is at hand…  Dedication Day for Team Joy99/B2
March 10, 2019
URGENT prayers needed!
March 17, 2019
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“…and ALL of Heaven celebrates!”



Hundreds come to know Christ this week!

   Heaven is certainly celebrating tonight…and they are also poised to celebrate even more this very night!  ALL 5 families Team JOY/B2 built homes for are now destined to Paradise with our Lord as Savior!  In both Medical Clinic/Outreach villages, hundreds more were on their knees changing their Eternal destinies through their new found faith in Jesus!  

   The Team joined us as we once again penetrated the enemy’s camp in so many ways…but it has not been without battle.  Thank you for Praying us through and into Victory!  Victory in Jesus Precious Name!

   In a just few moments, we’ll enter into our Final Devo with Team JOY/B2.  This precious team of 34 needs your Prayers and our Lord’s mighty work within their hearts this very night marked in Eternity!  Many have been just “going through the motions” and have not been in the very relationship with Christ that HE so longs for…so much so that HE died for.  So many are close…but we know that the enemy is as well.  Bind him in Jesus name and loose the Holy Spirit upon us!  PRAY us ALL into HIS awaiting heart tonight as we (including you) open our hearts to HIM!

HIS servant,


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