Day 26 – “…what prayer cannot do.”

“We know not what Prayer cannot do!”  Ponder those words from Charles Spurgeon. “We know not what Prayer cannot do!” 

Prayer Warriors…here we are! Day 26, or only 5 days remaining in our 30 Days of Prayer journey!  I am compelled to confess to you all; I have thought more about Prayer in these last 26 days than I have for well over a year. Yes, I Pray. I Pray often. PBM was/is built upon Prayer…but to Pray is one thing, to get to know our Lord HIMself through Prayer is yet another!

Along with Prayer (of the getting to know God type), I find that my deep desire for the Living Word, and to know everything I can as quickly as I can about our Lord, HIS Love, HIS Plan, HIS Will…multiplies exponentially, even if it starts with a simple nibble (seeking HIM) on my part! Meaning the more I feast, the more hungry (in a good way) I become for my Lord. So deeply satisfied, and yet unquenchably desiring more of HIM!

My friends, I am no expert on Prayer, for the moment I think I am, I have lost the very essence for which to Pray. Who among us can say we are experts at love, for if we say we are and that we have perfected it…most likely we do not know love at all. Yet, many are “in love”…content NOT to be an expert therein, but simply to abide in that beautiful place! An amazing place (relationship) called Prayer that our Lord calls us all to with HIMself. A place HE paid the highest price for…and that very place (Prayer) that HE so longs for us to abide in forevermore (unceasingly)!

 “We know not what Prayer cannot do!”  Ponder those words from Charles Spurgeon. “We know not what Prayer cannot do!”  Have you pushed that to the edges of its possibilities? Have you explored those deepest regions of Prayer to know “…what Prayer cannot do?”  Oh, my friends and fellow warriors if we were to explore Prayer to that possibility, to that magnitude, to that potential…would we not be in Christ’s awaiting arms and nothing else really matter?

Journey with us! Explore the depth of HIS Love with us! Allowing yourself to be forever changed…”transformed”.

“Do not be conformed to this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,
so that you may discern what is the will of God…”
Romans 12:2

We cannot be in “The Center of HIS Holy and Perfect Will for our lives” (the very thing we are Praying this 30 days)…if we know not what that will is. And the only way to know what HIS will is…is to know HIM. And the only way to know HIM personally (not just know of HIM), is Prayer!

HIS servant,

ps: Today we are Praying specifically for our Church Planting / Village Adoption Program! This is the culmination of all PBM’s outreaches in a target village and is comprised of, Mission Teams, Village Impact (Discipleship, House Churches, Aviation, Action Bible), Village Wellness/PURE Water, and PBM’s Bible Institute. It also represents a 10-year covenant between PBM and each village…AND the adopting U.S. Church or Organization! You’ll hear much more about this outreach in late 2019 and 2020 and how you can “Invest in Eternity”…for now; ponder these words that I cannot get out of my head…out of my heart; “We know not what Prayer cannot do!”


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