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October 20, 2019
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October 22, 2019
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Anya’s surgery & Day 30!!!


Hey Everyone,

Day 30 is here!  What an amazing time in Christ Jesus our Lord as we wrap up our 30 Days of Prayer today!  Personally, this has been yet another incredible journey…much of it due to all your Prayers for all of us here within PBM!  Thank you!  Truly, in Jesus Precious Name…Thank YOU!

We know many of you Pray for and have been Praying for Anya’s surgery today.  The surgery has been completed and she is in recovery at this time.  It was worse than expected, and they did have to completely rebuild her ACL, which means a much, much longer and more difficult recovery.  Please Pray for healing, and full recovery for Anya over these next months/year!  It is hard to keep that girl down, but it will be paramount for the first week…and then slooooowly starting to do more.

We hope to Facebook Live tonight at 6 PM eastern for our time of Praise/Worship/Devo/Prayer just before entering our Board Mtg.  You can also join us in person at the JOY99 Studio in Zeeland.  Once our Board Mtg is finished, I hope to post via email and facebook as to our Lord’s answers to all your Prayers over these 30 Days and so much more!  We are so blessed to have you walking alongside and battling for us in this “urgency of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”  Your Prayers are truly “An Investment in Eternity!”  You will be joined in Prayer tonight by ALL of our 29 Guatemalan staff, their families, their churches, our church plants…AND our Bible Institute Students!  Yet another incredible army of Prayer Warriors!

Lastly, please Pray for our Board of Directors by name tonight…just as we do the names of the families on Dedication Days!  Remember, we seek NOT decisions, but instead discernment & wisdom!  Here are those names:

Board of Directors:

  • Brad
  • Steve
  • Lisa
  • Scott
  • Cal
  • Darren
  • Rod

US staff that will be present:

  • Jeff
  • Maureen
  • myself

HIS servant,

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