More than Conquerors

Dear PBM Family,

I must confess, Romans 8 is my favorite chapter in our Lord’s Living Word! If you invest much time within its boundless limits, you’ll soon discover; Life in the Spirit, Holiness, The future Glory, Abba Father, A sure Hope, A sure Help, That ALL things work for good, Salvation, Christ interceding for us, and of course being “…more than a conqueror!”

I could spend weeks sharing of HIS heart, and the Eternal changes HE has wrought through Romans 8 in my life, but today we’ll look at verse 37.“No, in ALL these things we are
more than conquerors through
HIM who Loved us!”
I absolutely love how this verse starts out…precisely with a word we don’t always like, but one worth investing a few moments on; “NO…” The word “No” in this verse signifies “STOP,” “ENOUGH,”“NO MORE”…it is a declaration on the Heavenly battlegrounds, and thus a battle cry! It should be our battle cry in these times that we hear of and are more focused on death (like vs. 36 before it) than we likely have been in some time. The author, and thus we can (and have the right), in Jesus Resurrected Name, to cry out, “ENOUGH!”

Spiritually speaking, have you cried out against the enemy as of late? Have you taken your battle stance (on your knees) and yelled out, “NO MORE?” Have you Prayed God’s Word, and thus HIS promises back to HIM? Are you, are we “…more than conquerors?” If not, dare to confront yourself with this question today; “Why not?”

“…more than conquerors” we are, get this now, so there is NO confusion; “…through HIM who loved us!” If you, like I have way too many times to remember, have tried to battle the enemy on your own…the “roaming lion” has you right where he wants you, and he will soon “devour.” However, the moment you fall to your knees and cry out to the very ONE who cried out from the cross, “IT IS FINISHED,” you become “…more than a conqueror through HIM!” In fact, the weaker you are, the stronger HE becomes, and the battle turns, and Victory is yours, in life and in death!

My friends, it is not a matter of crying out to the enemy, “NO MORE,” it is instead essential to cry out to our Savior…inviting HIM into our hearts and thus into our lives! Cry out to HIM today…HE strains to hear the cry of even the weakest lamb, and HE then leaves the 99 just for you…just for me!

HIS servant,


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