Volcano Disaster Update, La Reyna
Good Morning,
For the moment, La Reyna is safe, the lava and ash flows followed the rivers around both sides of the village.  However, villages around them are not so fortunate.  Death tolls continue to rise, all rescue efforts were suspended last night due to rain, darkness, and additional danger.
In the picture above, the wall of the building shows the ash flow/mudslide nearly to the top of the building, before it subsided some…many homes were covered.  We heard from our Pastor in La Reyna (Darvin) late last night as he lends aid throughout that area.  I (dan) am heading out once we can load additional medicines and supplies, doing whatever we can.  Anya will lead the Team today building homes in Las Minas.
Hold those affected in PRAYER mightily today, myself included there is much instability, except in our Lord Jesus Christ.
HIS servant,
Many are asking how you can help.  Please follow this link…


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