Action Bibles On The Move

In 2019, there are over five million children enrolled in elementary schools within Guatemala. Our Action Bible Field Director, Nelson Morales, has a goal to reach as many of them as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These beautifully illustrated Action Bibles are an amazing tool to introduce children to the love of their Savior.

Nelson and his team have spent countless hours on rough, dusty roads this summer, and they are not just visiting schools, they have begun sharing the Action Bibles in police institutions throughout the country. The officers enjoy using their free time to read their Bibles, and many are reporting that they spend time in prayer before beginning work. Some of the officers have begun volunteering in the schools, presenting the Action Bible and sharing the love and hope that Jesus freely offers.

It doesn’t stop there! Nursing home patients are being introduced to God’s Word through the program. Churches that did not have resources for children are now receiving Action Bibles and beginning children’s ministry programs, and childcare centers that are also being reached with the Action Bible program. Please continue to lift up Nelson and his volunteers in prayer as they continue to expand the reach of this program throughout Latin America.


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