Team Ridgepoint/Lifestream

Our Winter 2020 Mission Season is flying by. The first three teams have constructed 15 homes, and participated in 6 medical outreaches, which have led to a massive harvest of souls! Hundreds of new believers have been welcomed as brothers and sisters in Christ because these fearless team members have stepped out of their comfort zone and entered into Eternal relationships with those they came to serve.

   Today we welcome Team Ridgepoint/Lifestream. This team of 26 arrives this afternoon, and we ask that you cover them in Prayer as they make their way through customs, and then on to the mission base in Chimaltenango. They have a full week of ministry ahead of them, traveling rough, dusty roads across the Guatemalan countryside to reach communities who desperately need the saving grace of Jesus.
Wednesday & Thursday: Building homes in Combacol

Friday: Dedication Day! (more info to come!)

Saturday & Sunday: Medical Clinic Outreach/VBS

Monday: Free Day/Final Devos

    This group is excited to kick off a new VBS program during their medical outreaches. Through a short drama, worship, games/activities, and crafts, the team will engage children within the village and teach them who Jesus is and what He has done for us all. As with any new program that will glorify our Almighty Father, there is no doubt that the enemy will create challenges to overcome, and Prayer is of the utmost importance!  

   It is our hope that the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of each individual on this team, and send them home with a new or renewed, personal relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Please join us and lift them up in Prayer as they enter a week of building not only homes but Eternal Relationships!

Jordan Ferrier
EJ Stevens
Jim Venhuizen
Lauren Butterfield
Bonni Melton
Kenna Curtis
Sarah Butterfield
Sharla Joslyn
Brielle Joslyn
Mary Jo Busscher
Marcia Kwantes
Mike Kwantes
Scott Yonkers
Owen Burk
Marjie Guerriero
Jamie Curtis
Patrick Adams
Steve Melton
Seth Bylsma
Sharon Bylsma
Heather VanderVeen
Phil Elzinga
Kate Bareman
Dianne Berens
Lois Elzinga


  1. Linda Zoerhof

    Praying here in Holland, MI. We go to Ridge Point Community Church.
    Duane and I are praying and thanking Abba Papa for protection and health.
    In Jesus’ Name and The Power of The Holy Spirit. Amen

  2. Ellen Scripsema

    Hey Lifestream Team!
    I’m sure you are filled with excitement and a renewal of energy as you land on base this afternoon. After the months of prep and planning, you made it!!! We can’t wait to hear about the changed lives in Guatemala and in the hearts of the team. It will surely be an amazingly Holy Spirit week filled with incredible moments. We are praying for health and safety throughout the week – you are covered dear friends. Have a wonderful week and we’ll see you in a week.

    Marc & Ellen Scripsema

  3. Chip Butterfield

    IS this blog working for the Ridgepoint/Lifestream group? Checking to make sure everyone made it safely…

  4. Brielle


  5. Kevin Curtis

    What’s up my Lifestream crew? I truly hope the journey down was extremely smooth. Thanks to our buddy, Patty Adams, we got to see you all in motions building the homes this morning. Please know there are a ton of people ? for you all. Love you all and continue to love on all the people of Guatemala for us.

    • Sharon Bylsma

      Thank you for your prayers!!!! So many memories of the last trip!! So many people have asked me how we ever did that with a wheelchair and I always respond “our amazing friends” !!

  6. Teresa Stevens

    Hey Team Life Stream! Our family is praying for you! Ethan Stevens- love you and hope you are having fun serving Jesus:)

  7. Sharon Bylsma

    Hi Everyone!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers!! I can’t believe how fast these first three days have gone and today was already dedication day!! We worked so hard physically the first two days to build those houses!! And today we worked hard spiritually to dedicate those homes to the families and pray our new Guatemalan brothers and sisters into Eternity with us!! Success!! All four families accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and we are so blessed to know we will see them again in our eternal home. It is amazing how quickly these beautiful people can leave such an impact on our hearts. As always, it was hard to say good bye. Hugs and tears all around, but we have the joy knowing we will see them again.
    Jim, our teammate came up to me after dedication and said to Seth and I…. “I know for sure Scott is in heaven saying “well done!” Yes… tears of joy!! Guys, I cant even begin to tell you the many many times I have seen Seth living out Scott”s legacy on this trip!! So many glimpses of Scott through him. So special!!
    These past few days have been healing for me. We have met and worked alongside beautiful people from Ridgepoint Church. I have already experienced ,personally, so many moments that I know for sure God designed for this exact group to be working together. I have wonderful stories and God moments I would love to share when I return home.

    And on a personal note I just want to send some love to Molly and Jacob… miss you guys like crazy and think about you and pray for you every day!! See you soon!!

    Keep the prayers coming as we travel to two different medical clinics over the next two days… prayers for continued health and strength appreciated!! And prayers for the VBS we will be putting on for the children of the villages. This is the first time doing this, so prayers for a success and that we can glorify God through it also greatly appreciated.

    Your prayers mean so much and are what give us the strength to do this!! I really cant thank you enough.
    In Him,

  8. Sharon Bylsma

    Thank you for your prayers!!!! So many memories of the last trip!! So many people have asked me how we ever did that with a wheelchair and I always respond “God and our amazing friends” !!

  9. Cindy Yonkers

    Prayers continue for the Ridgepoint/Lifestream teams. Look forward to your safe return with many interesting stories. Love you Scott Yonkers!

  10. Sarah Adams

    Hey Lifestream family!
    Praying for health, safety and for Gods presence to be felt by all there. Cant wait to hear all about how God used you all to share His love! Love to you all!!
    Lee & Sarah Adams

  11. Sarah Adams

    Hi Lifestream family!
    I tried posting yesterday and don’t see my comment so I’m going to try again.
    Thinking and praying for you all daily! Cant wait to hear all about how God used you on this mission trip. Praying for safety & health as well!!
    Love you!
    Lee & Sarah Adams


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