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April 17, 2018
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April 22, 2018
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30 Days Of Prayer

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,

We often share quotes about Prayer with you.  PBM was/is built on Prayer AND those who have experienced our Lord’s work in Guatemala through PBM have essentially experienced it through Prayer as;

“Prayer does not equip us for the greater work, it IS the greater work!”

That “greater work” that our Lord has and is accomplishing comes through Prayer!  You are invited, over the next 30 days, to experience that anew for and with PBM as we seek our Lord’s desire and a new direction for this, HIS ministry!

At a recent PBM Board of Directors meeting, after months of seeking/analyzing information, the best decision possible was made…To give ourselves over to Prayer!  The info has been studied, questions asked and answered, doors opened, but for PBM (as with each of our lives), information is not nearly enough.  May 17th is one month from today and the day we’ll reconvene as a Board of Directors.  Would you journey with us in Prayer these next 30 days?

The decision before us is not a small one...ultimately it is not a decision at all but will instead need to be discernment.  Decisions come through analyzing information, discernment only though Prayer.  Seek our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with and for us these next 30 days…Please!  Details will come, but discernment is what is needed and what we seek.

HIS servant, dan, and all of us Paradise Bound

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